What Is SMS Tracker?

Written messages are a quick, convenient, and much more secretive way to communicate than, say, calls. And although it seems to many that online instant communication services like WhatsApp, Viber, etc., have replaced the good old SMS messaging, this is not always the case. If it becomes necessary to find out the nature of communications, for example, between your child and strangers, it is better to cover all channels of communication here.

An easy-to-use solution like an SMS tracker is helpful software that can confirm or dispel your doubts and concerns about your loved ones. First, you will be able to find out the content of messages sent between the person you are interested in and their interlocutor. Moreover, such a program captures the necessary details, by learning which you can get a better picture of what is happening with your relative or the actions of colleagues at work.

The SMS tracker solves important tasks for worried parents, people who suspect their spouses, or specialists who monitor employee communications on work devices. Whatever your reason, you will be able to go unnoticed and catch any message sent to the target device, even if it is no longer there.

Why Should You Use SMS Tracker?

Seeing how children spend a lot of time texting on their phones has become commonplace. It seems that older generations can only envy how quickly they master gadgets – but what children often fail to identify and cope with on their own is bad influences, toxic communication, repression, and humiliation from peers and even adults.

Thus, the use of an SMS tracker among parents can be useful for:

  • establishing the fact of a problem from the correspondence

  • finding out what specifically worries and/or threatens your child

  • preventing emotional and other types of abuse in children and implementing safety measures as early as possible

The undoubted benefit of a good SMS tracker is that it eliminates the need to call the child for an open dialogue where it can be sensitive and helps identify possible dangers by parents themselves. 

Another situation where it may be necessary to "go undercover" is when you have doubts that your significant other has actually been open with you for some time. With clear evidence in hand, you can bring their hidden deeds to the surface.

Using modern technologies like SMS tracker, users get access to additional conveniences that, among other things, allow them to finally gain peace of mind or take action. Your care for your loved ones doesn't always have to be visible – sometimes, it's even better for everyone when you do a bit of your own research. 

What Can You Leverage from SMS Tracker?

It has long been no secret to anyone that dangers lie in wait for our offspring both in the real and virtual worlds. And mobile phones, namely, correspondence on them, can often give responsible parents an insight into what is happening.

If your goal is to secure the safe conduct of business, it is important here to ensure that some data is not leaked by employees. By monitoring the correspondence of staff using an SMS tracker, you will be able to determine what information they share through simple text messages and stop such harmful activities.

As you can see, this program will come in handy for a variety of people and can bring undoubted benefits when we cannot be close to a person to protect or control them. Making for great help, Mobile Tracker Free's SMS tracking option allows you to access a comprehensive array of data on a target device. You can easily view data such as:

  • receivers' phone numbers

  • receivers' contact names

  • received or sent messages

  • time and location - where and when the owner of the device communicated with the interlocutor

  • GPS location of the device at the time of receiving or sending a message

  • view even deleted and/or hidden messages

Communication through SMS, although not a priority for modern people, still should not be ignored when it comes to monitoring messaging. Do not forget that interruptions or lack of Internet are often possible, so any methods will be used so that communication does not stop for a minute.

How to Use This Feature?

The SMS tracker is a great feature that will help you keep an eye on messages on the devices of your children, loved ones, or colleagues. Its advantage is that all incoming and outgoing messages will remain available to you. Moreover, you can find out the more detailed status of the message – whether it was deleted or saved, received, or sent. How to do it? Let's see!

Mobile Tracker Free allows you to monitor devices with a decent set of features for free use and more advanced ones depending on the chosen package. To start using these perks, the user needs to create an account and go to the Messages section to see the chats on the dashboard. If the message, for some reason, has been deleted from the target phone, you will be able to see the message itself with the corresponding status.

Now, one of the most important matters about SMS tracker is usually whether the owner is aware of message tracking. Well, they do not receive such a notification and do not see any icons since the app works in stealth mode. That is why it is so convenient and in demand among the target audience.


The feature of SMS monitoring is compatible with Android devices and requires access to a target device for initial setup. This is a quick process allowing the SMS tracker to run smoothly and perform its functions.


Is it always necessary to install something on the target device? Is it possible to do without it?

It's all about the requirements of the Android system, which dictates certain conditions for installation. So yes, you will need to install the program manually on the device.

How is it possible to read deleted messages?

In general, messages can be backed up, for example, to the cloud if this feature is enabled on the device. If not, you can use additional tools like Mobile Tracker Free that will intercept written communications when messages first arrive on the gadget.

How can I understand if a message was received or written on the target device?

No worries – you'll not get confused since all messages that will be retrieved using the SMS tracker will be grouped for your convenience. You can see its state next to each message, namely sent, received, or erased. In addition, you can view the entire message history at any time, along with timestamps and geolocation.

Why should I be concerned about deleted messages?

Not every deleted message has to contain overly important data. But at the same time, perhaps among all of them, there will be one that will draw your attention or be regarded as important after a while. Therefore, it is so important that not a single message, whether it is deleted, hidden, or left, does not bypass your attentive eye to react in time.

Is it possible to make sure that SMS tracking is not noticed?

Using a program or application that works in stealth mode, the user of such a phone tracker will go unnoticed. In some cases, you will need to remove the app icon itself if you want to keep the SMS tracker a secret – the software will still work as planned.

Why should parents pay attention to the SMS tracker?

It is easier to prevent a difficult psychological or physical situation in which children may find themselves due to bullying or difficult relationships with peers than to deal with the consequences. Correspondence is essentially the main source from which parents can draw information before acting. Moreover, children are generally inclined to close in on themselves and not share unpleasant experiences with their parents. Or vice versa, information that they themselves understand is ambiguous but tempting.