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Experience the peace of mind you deserve with Mobile Tracker Free – the top-notch free mobile tracker for keeping tabs on your loved ones' digital lives. Stay informed discreetly and protect what matters most!

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Why Choose Mobile Tracker Free?

We provide a basic set of features for $0. Try out the app and upgrade it later if needed.

Looking for a powerful solution with only useful features? Search no more! Mobile Tracker gives quick access to a target device and lets you monitor it in real-time. Easy. Quick. Accurate.


Free package with basic features

Use a decent free option for monitoring


Look through SMS/MMS sent and received.

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Track Phone Calls

Review the target's call logs (incoming, outgoing, deleted, and missed calls) remotely.

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GPS Location

Track your kids' or employees' movementsin real time. Retrieve the location of your children or employees online.

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Photo Gallery

Access photo gallery instantly. Look through the photos taken by camera (along with deleted images).

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Access Social Media Accounts

Access photo gallery instantly. Look through the photos taken by camera (along with deleted images).

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See what your kid or spouse is typing right now on their device – not a single letter will escape your view.

And Much More...

How It Works

Just 3 steps to start controlling anything!

Step 1

Create a Free Account

Create an account by entering your email to kick off phone monitoring.

Step 2

Download & Install

Download and install the mobile tracker app following our detailed user guide.

Step 3

Start Tracking

Log in to the Mobile Tracker user account to track the target device location, calls, messages, location, web history, etc.

Use the Tracker App for:

Personal Safety

Our free phone tracker guarantees a safe and secure environment for you and your loved ones. Stay connected with your dearest and track their activities without bothering them!

Employee Monitoring

Are you a business owner aiming to keep your workspace secure and maximum productive? Do you want to prevent sensitive data leaks? Use our tool to monitor staff activities, track work-related tasks, and protect your business interests.

Parental Control

Everyone wants their kids to be safe and sound. That's what we were bothered about while developing the Mobile Tracker app. Its ability to control screen time, monitor their online activities, and protect them from potential online threats makes it an excellent parental control app.

Law Enforcement

Need an additional assistant to enhance your investigations? Use our phone tracking tool to solve different cases and locate missing people.

Monitoring of Elderly Parents

Care for your loved ones with remote tracking. Keep an eye on your elderly parents' well-being and respond quickly to their needs while keeping a low profile.

Checking for Partner Infidelity

Do you suspect your SO is cheating on you? Use our free phone tracker app to monitor your partner's activities, gain clarity, reveal the truth, and make informed decisions about your relationship.

Latest releases

Mobile Tracker Free App 7.5.361

March 4, 2024

Happy users

“Guys! At first, I thought it was a scam, but when my friend told me about this app, I decided I would give it a try. And I don't regret my decision! Thank you, Mobile Tracker Free”


“My kid went to the first grade, and I worried about his security at school. So, I decided to install a tracker that would assist me with it. However, I was hesitant to spend money, so I began searching for a free solution. That's when I came across a review for Mobile Free Tracker. I contacted their support team, and it was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!”


“They offer excellent custom support. When I had difficulties with app installation, I contacted them, and they willingly helped me. As of now, I like how smooth it works.”


“Mobile Tracker helped me reveal the truth and reveal infidelity. How blind was I. My husband was cheating on me all these months… It was a painful experience, but better to know that not.”


“So many features and all are free! At first, I thought it was a joke. But not! And it works! Impressed!”


Frequently asked questions

Before You Get Started With Mobile Tracker Free:

Is Mobile Tracker Free invisible for cell phone tapping?

Mobile Tracker Free works in stealth mode. It does not send notifications on the target cell phone. Therefore, they will not know you are tracking them.

How much data does a mobile tracker app use?

Data usage may range from 10-20 MB monthly and depend on update frequency, usage, map detail, and location updates. Nevertheless, you may not worry as the app's impact on battery life is minimal.

How often are updates to the Mobile Tracker Free app released?

Updates to the Mobile Tracker Free app are released regularly, roughly once a month. Their frequency depends on the release cycle. All updates arrive at the target device automatically.

Is Mobile Tracker Free the best-hidden tracker app?

Certainly. Users can explore the app's interface by installing it for free. It's an excellent bet for those looking for reliable software offering maximum security of personal data.

Can you track a phone with the IMEI number?

You cannot use the IMEI number as a cell phone finder. If a cell phone is lost or stolen, tracking its location via IMEI is available only to law enforcement agencies and mobile service providers.

How to turn off Google Play protection to install apk file?

To turn off Google Play protection and notifications related to Google Play Protect to install apk file, you need to:

  1. Open Google Play Market/Play Store.
  2. Tap on your target’s profile picture, select "Play Protect" and then "Settings."
  3. Turn "Scan apps with Play Protect" off.

How to track calls and texts from another phone for free?

The best way to track calls or text messages from another smartphone for free is to install Mobile Tracker Free on the device which activity you want to track. Once installed, you can view a clone of each interaction.

How to track the live location of a mobile number?

To track the live cell phone location, log into your Mobile Tracker Free user space and navigate to the application menu on the left side of your screen. Choose "Location" and then "Live". Now, you can track your target’s real-time location uninterruptedly from 1 to 30 minutes.

What phones is your app compatible with?

The app is compatible with all cell phones that are running on Android. It does not matter whether it's Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, OnePlus, X-TiGi, Google Pixel, Apex, or any other cell phone model you want to track.

Do spy apps work when the monitored phone is off?

No. When the cell phone is turned off, spy apps cannot work at all. They require the phone to be powered on and connected to the internet or cellular network for operation. So, when the target cell phone is inactive, the data won't be tracked by the Mobile Tracker Free app. You will see the data tracked as of the last moment when the phone was on.

How accurately is the GPS location of a cell phone tracked?

The app provides accurate GPS location data of the target cell phone. It offers uninterrupted real-time free tracking with intervals ranging from 1 to 30 minutes.