What Is a Call Recorder?

Thinking back to yourself as a child and teenager is one of the fondest memories for many people. But you must admit that you probably weren’t as obedient and accommodating with your parents as you would like your children to be now.

Already having the experience of growing up, many parents are aware that their task is to protect their offspring from the destructive influence of the Internet trolls, wicked strangers, stalkers, and other personalities that virtual and real life is full of. The good news is that today you can quickly determine that such communication is taking place and react quickly; another nice thing – you can do it less intrusively than before.

A call recorder is a software solution that automatically processes incoming and outgoing calls and provides exhaustive information about the call, in addition to the conversation itself. If you notice that your child's communication circle has been replenished with companions with a bad reputation, you simply cannot stay away. And now you have a clue what to do.

Why Should You Record Calls?

Social interaction is what makes our life interesting and fulfilling from a very young age. At the same time, we cannot always be sure that new acquaintances will bring us exactly the experience that we expect. As adults, we can already be more circumspect, including with the people we work with, and are forced to trust this or that piece of information; for example, make sure that your company's employees do not disclose the strengths and weaknesses of your business to competitors. This can be done with the help of a phone spy that will allow you to keep track of activities on their work device and will also act as a call recorder.

Watching your child grow up and make friends is wonderful. Everyone needs personal space, and each of us has the right to it. But you must admit, you definitely want to do something so that things become the same as before, seeing how your son or daughter has changed, for example:

  • they became more secretive and aggressive with you

  • you see that something is bothering them that they do not want to share with you

  • they began to use more profanity

  • they began to behave very defiantly and rudely, even with adults and strangers

Fortunately, your hands are no longer tied, and you can easily find out where the shoe pinches. By using the call recorder, parents will be able to know what exactly is going on in the lives of their children by gaining access to the holy of holies – smartphones that modern kids do not let go of. If guessing is no longer for you, you can see how some of the Mobile Tracker Free features work in demo mode and switch to the upgraded mode for full tracking of various activities on target devices.

What Can You Leverage from a Call Recorder?

A spoken word takes its flight. Whatever was said in a conversation between the owner of the smartphone and their interlocutor will become known to you. Some children become so resourceful that they can even use their developed vocabulary to communicate with friends on the phone in front of you. But you will be able to find out what is hiding behind their awkward attempts to hide from you and see the full picture because the call recorder also allows you to monitor such details as:

  • phone conversations

  • exact time and duration of calls

  • phone number and names of people with whom there was communication on the device

  • location data for the duration of the call

  • division into incoming and outgoing calls

Be aware of when and with whom your child is talking outside the home. Identify and stop cooperating with those who harm your business with their chatter on the phone. Finally, check what your significant other is talking about with that mysterious ambiguous contact on their phone. Call recording service allows you to no longer remain in the shadow of doubt and shed light on things that haunt you about your loved ones and colleagues.

How to Use This Feature?

By creating an account with Mobile Tracker Free, users will have access to a user-friendly interface and will be able to use the feature of listening to recorded calls. All you need is to access the target device, install the software from Mobile Tracker Free, and enjoy its smooth operation in stealth mode without knowing the owner of the phone, if necessary. You can see the results of the productivity of your tracker by clicking on the section you are interested in from the custom dashboard.


The call recorder works on Android devices version 10. Thus, it delivers the best and fastest way to monitor calls – access the activity on the target phone in real-time! Additionally, learn about what is happening wherever you are, both from your mobile gadget and PC.


How do I know who my child talks to the most?

The call recorder and call tracker allow you to retrieve the most up-to-date and complete data about telephone communications on the target device. Just log in to your account and go to the dashboard. Here you will see a section with the most frequent calls, associated names, and phone numbers. In addition to this, you can see the newly added contacts.

What are the most common uses of the call recorder?

Call recording systems have a fairly wide application and a range of customers - from large corporations to household use. The thing is that the use of such a tool is extremely convenient and allows you to achieve your goal by acting unnoticed. For example, to find out what your child is talking about and with whom, identify the malicious plans of dishonest people and scammers in the department, catch a loved one having a steamy convo on the phone... And the list goes on.

Who can call my child and for what purpose?

Well, we all have our secrets. But there are some things and signs that you, as a parent, cannot ignore. Frequent calls from a person and/or people that your child is so reluctant to reveal to you can be thought unusual, to say the least. The call recorder allows you to acquire accurate information - who was talking to your child, when did it happen, and what exactly was said. This is a great way to protect them from sexual traitors, blackmailers, and abusive comrades, to prevent your child from getting involved in phone sex and the use of illegal substances.

Will my child know that their calls are being recorded?

No, if you choose to. The call recorder from Mobile Tracker Free does not show any signs of activity on the target device. At the same time, it manages to collect such useful data as conversation records, call duration and time stamps, data on contacts on the phone, a person’s GPS location during the call, and so on.

What is better to monitor, messages or calls?

The answer to this question would be - both. A modern person, in general, spends a lot of time and trusts a lot of information on their device. In addition to calls, children and adults are also actively using messages, whether on social networks or via SMS. Therefore, although one of the channels may be more preferred by the user, approaching the issue in a complex way, you can achieve greater efficiency.

What does Mobile Tracker Free allow users to monitor besides call records?

In an effort to meet the requirements of the modern user, the software covers their basic and higher requirements. So, everyone can choose for themselves the functionality that they need – it covers call data, address book contacts, SMS and MMS messages, locations, keylogger, media on the phone, information about the use of browsers, tracking activities in social networks (Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.), and other additional features.