Blocking Websites on Android

Since the internet was invented and www(dot) became a standard part of everyday life, the number of websites and the sheer quantity of information available is almost beyond comprehension. If we want to find the answer to a question: ask the WorldWideWeb. If we're going to find out how to do something: ask the WorldWideWeb. If we want to find out a location: ask the WorldWideWeb. Unfortunately, however, amongst the helpful information, another side to the internet hosts information that may be unpleasant, inappropriate, and even harmful, particularly to our children.

This is when we need to be able to block websites on Android devices to keep vulnerable and impressionable people safe.

The Mobile Tracker Free app can help you monitor what websites are being viewed and how often, but the integral website blocking feature will enable you to block websites on Android devices.

Why Would You Want to Block Websites on Android?

Why would you need to block websites on Android? Good question!

A person ’s browsing activity online can provide a wealth of information to anyone who may be monitoring them with a phone monitoring app. For example, it might reveal artistic hobbies or interest in sporting activities like football and baseball.

OR, it might reveal that the individual, perhaps your child, has been accessing sites that contain harmful or inappropriate content; or raise questions about employees' activities behind your back.

Using the Mobile Tracker Free app to track their activities remotely will provide you with evidence to justify why you want to block websites on Android devices: to keep your children safe or ensure that your employees remain on task.

All websites on the phone monitoring app will appear on the online dashboard created when you set up an account. The individual URL and website name are tracked, with time and date stamps of when they were last accessed and how often.

Unblocking the website is achieved just as easily via the dashboard.

What Can You Leverage from Blocking Websites on Android?

  • Block as many websites as you want. The website blocking feature will block as few or as many websites as you wish. It also includes the ability to individually or jointly block websites.
  • Manage your different sites from the dashboard. Once you have installed the Mobile Tracker app on the target mobile and created your monitoring account online, you will be able to manage access to the different websites via the online dashboard.
  • Also works in private navigation. The website blocker will also work when the user views websites in private or incognito mode. You will be able to view ALL websites your target views unfiltered!
  • Restrict access to specific sensitive sites for your child or employees to be safe. We want our employees to be productive during paid working hours and our children safe online. For the employees, personal social media sites could be a distraction; for children, it could be sites containing inappropriate or potentially harmful content. We all have our reasons for wanting to restrict access to specific sites, and the website blocking feature will enable you to do that.

How to Use This Feature?

You have decided you want to block websites on Android devices. Here ’s how.

  • Use a mobile phone tracker to establish whether or not the target device is accessing websites that are inappropriate, potentially harmful, or simply a distraction from other, more critical tasks. These may include sites that contain adult content, illegal images, chat rooms, and the potential risk of online predators or cyberbullies.

  • Once you have gathered the information you need from your online dashboard, set up the list of websites that you want to block.

  • Once blocked, when your target user tries to visit one of your set websites, it will be inaccessible to them as it's restricted.

  • If you have children, you may decide to apply an ‘adult’ filter to keep them safe before they even begin to use the computer!


The Mobile Tracker Free app is compatible with Android 10 phones (released September 2019). It is not available for use with iOS for Apple.


How can I block websites harmful to my child?

There are a few different ways to block websites on Android devices that you consider harmful to your child.

Website blocking apps can help you ensure your child can’t access harmful or inappropriate websites. The Mobile Tracker Free app integrates website blocking capabilities as one of its many features.

What happens when a block is applied to a website?

The easy answer is that you won’t be able to access the blocked website depending on how it has been blocked. For example, if you have used a phone tracking device to block a website, then the target user will be able to access the website on other devices. If the website has been blocked on the router, the target user will still be able to access the website if they log on to another router, such as a neighbor’s.

Can I block a specific site?

Yes, you can block a specific site or apply a filter to block clusters of sites. For example, a group of employees may spend their work time playing Fortnite during paid hours. An employer may decide to block this specific site. A parent may apply a limited age filter to the home computer to ensure their young children do not access inappropriate content.

Will I be able to block websites on Android devices that are being viewed privately?

A computer feature enables the user to browse the internet in a private or incognito mode. However, you will still be able to view and block websites that have been accessed in this way.

Why block websites and games?

There are many reasons why you might want to block websites on Android devices, including online games. The main reasons revolve around keeping children safe and focused or ensuring employees remain on task during work time.

Websites may contain inappropriate or damaging content, particularly for young children under 18. Alternatively, individuals may be distracted from schoolwork or tasks during paid employment by social media and/or gaming sites.

Can an employer lawfully block websites?

Yes, an employer can lawfully block websites, although ideally, they will have an appropriate company policy to cover this area. For example, specific images and videos found online may be illegal to view anyway! However, regarding social media and personal browsing during work time, good practice suggests that the employer should be setting boundaries to personal use in policy rather than banning it outright.