What Is SMS Alert?

Receiving a new message can bring a pleasant smile to your face because we are always happy to communicate with friends and loved ones. But this is by no means a single scenario – it is not uncommon to receive spam or fraudulent mail-in messages; it can also be SMS from malicious personalities or even familiar people. While adults are more adept at filtering such messages, it is children who often fall victim to all sorts of bad influences. They need help like no one else in such situations – and you can find out about them using message monitoring tools and, among other things, by receiving SMS alerts.

SMS alert is not just a notification about new sent or received message and the ability to see its content. This feature allows you to focus on keywords that, by their very nature, signal a red flag in communication. These include, among others:

  • vocabulary inciting violence

  • vocabulary related to suicide

  • names of drugs and other prohibited substances

  • offensive nicknames used in cyberbullying

  • names of sites, activities, etc. not intended for minors, and more

Thus, whenever an inappropriate word or phrase you have defined pops up in a new message on the target device, you will know about it very quickly, thanks to an SMS alert.

Why Should You Use SMS Alert?

Using a simple example of tracking the messaging activity of children, you can see how such a feature can be very useful in determining the causes of their depressive or stressful state, reduced productivity, or excessive immersion in oneself. An SMS alert about an inappropriate keyword can become a thread by pulling, which you can unravel the whole tangle of what is happening with your child. But this is far from the only situation where this feature may be needed.

Think about how much you chatted today, yesterday, and the day before – every day, we print dozens of messages. It can be both personal conversations and correspondence at work. In the latter case, an SMS alert can come to the aid of employers who value the confidentiality of certain work information that employees may recklessly disclose. By setting certain keywords, they will be able to know if someone is not serious about work ethic and be able to stop it in time without damaging the reputation of the business.

You can also use the tool if you want to refute or confirm your suspicions about your loved one and their strange behavior recently. SMS messages are still often used along with chats in instant messengers and can contain a lot of juicy information about your beloved.

What Can You Leverage from SMS Alert?

Monitoring SMS content is much easier if you already have predefined words that you know can be related to personal situations in an unpleasant way. You don't have to read all the bulks of messages – prioritize the ones that could be life-changing.

An SMS alert from Mobile Tracker Free allows users to react quickly because it:

  • shares instant notifications about keywords contained in messages on the gadget

  • offers easy access from the dashboard

  • provides for adding and deleting keywords at the discretion of the user

Set your eyes on the most provocative phrases if you don't have time to go through all the messages. Of course, every parent, for example, is interested in how their child lives and what is in their head, but in the long run, you should not lose focus and sometimes rely on keywords that indicate what to pay attention to.

How to Use This Feature?

Compiling collections of keywords greatly simplifies life, not only for those who are worried about their children, significant other, employees, and so on. For example, the administrators of groups in social networks use special services that will indicate to them the presence of obscene language or offensive words in posts. You can search for such collections on the web and add keywords yourself – after all, each case is individual.

To receive an SMS alert when a message appears with a keyword that distresses them, a person must create a profile and log in as a registered user to their account. There you will see a convenient dashboard where you can add all the keywords you have chosen and change them if necessary; besides, there will be a full list of keywords and messages intercepted from SMS correspondence of the target user. By the way, Mobile Tracker Free allows you to access even messages that have been deleted or hidden.


Mobile Tracker Free is available for users of Android devices; to take advantage of its SMS alert feature, users will need to install the program on a target Android device. Among the positive aspects of this software is that it operates unnoticed by the target device holder and is also perfectly optimized for both desktop and mobile devices for monitoring persons.


Why do I need an SMS alert if I use SMS tracking?

The SMS alert feature provides additional benefits compared to just monitoring messages. Although users can conduct in-depth tracking of text messages and even see if they have been deleted or not, notifications about the use of keywords can lead the parent and other users to certain thoughts and conclusions. This feature helps not scatter attention if you need to identify and work on some problem, which is clearly signaled by this or that keyword.

How can an SMS alert help me as a parent?

The welfare of children is something that will always be important to their parents. While they can provide a certain level of comfort for them, there are still other factors beyond the control of parents. Children may suffer misunderstandings from their peers, get involved in bad company – and the list goes on. Therefore, monitoring their correspondence with the help of an SMS alert will allow you, as a parent, to understand what is wrong with your child.

Do I need to pay for the monitoring feature?

Mobile Tracker Free offers a free demo that allows you to try out the program absolutely free of charge from a platform of your choice. Users can opt for the free version with fewer monitoring features and opt for the paid plan for full access to all perks.

Will I be able to see all the information that will be in the SMS message?

Yes, the message will be completely duplicated on your user dashboard. If the owner of the target device receives a multimedia message (MMS), this format and its content are also read by the program. Thus, you can check out absolutely all SMS correspondence of your child, even if the message is deleted or hidden.

Will I receive a keyword message notification immediately?

Yes, an SMS alert is sent instantly so that the parent is notified immediately and does not waste their time. Moreover, you will not only know that such a message has been received or sent, but you will also be able to read the entire content of such notification. The software saves SMS messages and keywords for you in history so that you can restore the chain if necessary.

Can a person guess that the software for SMS alerts is running on their device?

There are no visible signs of feature activity – all thanks to the discrete stealth mode that runs quietly doing its job. The program does not send any notifications to the target device but sends the monitored data to the user dashboard.