What Is an App Blocker?

If you’re looking to monitor another mobile device with a phone tracking app, the app blocker is one of the fundamental tools that you’ll want to include in your phone monitoring package. This is included as an integral part of the Mobile Tracker Free app.

You’ll have remote access to your target user’s device usage from the Mobile Tracker Free dashboard. Access includes social media, internet access, call monitoring, applications, contacts, and current and historical locations.

Once accessed, there may be potentially harmful apps to the target user or apps you prefer them not to use.

The app blocker becomes useful in these circumstances.

Once Mobile Tracker Free is installed on the target phone, the app blocker immediately enables you to remotely view and monitor any application that the target user has downloaded to their device.

Furthermore, any apps you consider to be inappropriate or unsafe can be entirely remotely blocked.

Why Should You Use an App Blocker?

You’ve installed your mobile monitoring app on your target phone, and your monitoring capabilities include an invaluable attribute - the app blocker.

You can now remotely view, monitor, and block any app installed on your target user’s device.

The app blocker is an increasingly popular phone monitoring tool with many benefits.

  • Remotely view and monitor the activity on all apps on the user’s phone, including social media and chat apps, videos, images, and dating apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.

  • Concerned parents want to keep their children safe online. The app blocker means you can remotely block apps on your children’s devices that show potentially harmful material, for example, of a violent or sexual nature.

  • Are you concerned your children are distracted by their phones when they should be completing their homework or getting a good night’s sleep? Block their apps and limit their online activity so they can focus on their schoolwork or get the rest they need.

  • Employers can keep employees on task by restricting their access to distracting apps on their phones.

What Can You Leverage from an App Blocker?

  • Instantly block the application you want

    App blocker is an integral part of the Mobile Tracker Free phone monitoring app.

    The app blocker allows you to simply block apps on your phone, perhaps as part of a self-management program to avoid distractions.

    The app blocker enables you to remotely track the most frequently used apps on a target phone to decide which to block. For example, parents may monitor and block apps on their child’s phone to stop them from viewing potentially harmful material.

  • Manage all applications blocked from the dashboard

    The dashboard provides an easy and effective way for you to manage the target device remotely - and discreetly if you have chosen to install the app without the target user knowing.

    Once the Mobile Tracker Free app is installed, you can manage all applications from the dashboard. You can block apps in groups or choose to block individual apps independently. You can also unblock the apps either using a timer to enable their access or manually.

    For example, your child might be distracted by their online social life from schoolwork and responsibilities. Use the app blocker to disable Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social apps for a set study period so they can focus on their studies.

How to Use This Feature?

The app blocker is just one function of Mobile Tracker Free that can be installed on your target’s phone or device. It’s easy - and free - to access a basic set of features before upgrading to a payment program with additional features if you wish.

Install the Mobile Tracker Free app tracker on the target user’s phone, create an online account, then access all the details and activities of the phone on the easy-to-use dashboard. WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS conversations, phone calls, and websites can all be screened, as can any other downloaded apps. An easy-to-understand record of all websites and apps that are most visited and the most frequent callers and contacts indicates where the app blocker might be most effective. The apps can be blocked and unblocked individually or grouped.


Mobile Tracker Free is compatible with Android 10 phones (released September 2019). It is not available for use with iOS for Apple.


My child is always on her phone when she should be studying. What can I do?

Mobile Tracker Free with the app blocker technology will enable you to monitor your daughter’s online activities and see how often she is on her phone. You will then have the figures that you need to discuss with your daughter about how her phone usage affects her studying. If this fails, the app blocker gives you the power to block her installed apps remotely.

What are app blockers, and how do I use them?

An app blocker feature will enable immediate blocking and unblocking of apps that may be providing a distraction from your tasks or which may contain unsuitable media for the device user.

For example, a young child will often listen to songs, watch videos, and play games on a parent’s device. An app blocker means that the parent can temporarily (or permanently) disable unsuitable apps on their device so that the child does not accidentally access something they shouldn’t.

I need to eliminate distractions to get any work done. This means blocking apps like WhatsApp (primarily social media) and websites like YouTube. Can Mobile Tracker Free help?

Mobile Tracker Free app blocker feature is often used for tracking a third party’s phone activity with a view to blocking apps deemed unsuitable for the target phone user. However, you can also use it for your personal benefit. You can completely block the apps that distract you when you should be working or create a timetable of use with timers that block and unblock apps automatically during the day.

How long does the app blocker block apps for?

It’s up to you. You can either block apps entirely from your phone or create a timetable of use with timers that block and unblock apps automatically during the day.

How long does it take to block or unblock the app?

As long as the device is connected to the internet, it should only take a few minutes to block or unblock an app. However, it may take longer if there is no internet connection.

How do I block apps installed on my child’s devices?

Mobile Tracker Free can be easily installed on a child’s devices to monitor their online activity, giving concerned parents autonomy over what their child can do and see online. To remotely block or unblock any apps on the target device, follow these steps:

  • Select your price plan on the website
  • Download and install the app blocker on the target device
  • Use your credentials to register
  • Log into your account to complete the setup process
  • Remotely block apps from the dashboard