What Is a Call Tracker?

Modern people practically don't let go of their phones and store tons of messages, photos, and other content on them. Children, as we can see, are glued to screens already from an early age, and as adults and parents, there is little we can do about it. Yes, smartphones have perhaps become a much more advanced version of a conventional communication device than humanity could ever imagine. Hence, a lot of opportunities for entertainment and, at the same time, loopholes for the activities of various scammers, groomers, and just ill-wishing people.

A tool such as a call tracker allows you to approach the issue of monitoring the activities of kids or employees more comprehensively and establish the details of their calls. Smartphones are an integral part of our life, and, of course, they are used for making numerous calls throughout the day. The ability to get a glimpse of what is really happening in the life of a teenager who has become too wayward with the help of inconspicuous assistant software has already become a reality.

Why Should You Track Calls?

The desire to protect dear ones or, for example, make sure that employees do not distribute confidential data is quite natural for people. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have a transparent and sincere dialogue with the child about the reasons for their concern or irritability, and also expect honesty from subordinates. The data obtained using the call tracker will once and for all help clarify the situation.

There are many reasons why a parent or other person may need to figure out a particular life situation on their own. Call it an inner instinct, the experience of the past years, or something else. Of course, it is best to use the powerful tool for monitoring calls which can be useful, for example, when:

  • establishing contacts and the identity of those who excessively disturb your child with calls

  • identifying questionable locations where your child was when they made or received a call

  • fighting against cyberbullying, stalkers, and other troubles, the roots of which go back to the Internet space

Often, instead of torturing yourself with the guesswork and watching your child talk furtively with someone on the phone, it will be much more effective to analyze their cell phone activity, namely the data on all calls.

What Can You Leverage from a Call Tracker?

A call tracker feature is an indispensable tool that allows clients with different requests to gradually find all the pieces and complete the puzzle. Imagine how difficult it would be to get your child to give you their phone to go over their calls and messages; or, say, you are unlikely to be able to get direct access to the work phones of employees who already use them. Instead, utilizing a call tracker allows the user to achieve the main goal – to obtain information that will allow them to get ahead of possible risks.

Thus, the tracking service for calls from Mobile Tracker Free has the following advantages:

  • the software performs its functions in stealth mode – let it be your little secret

  • you can see the type of call, whether it's incoming, outgoing, rejected, or missed

  • GPS coordinates of target device during calls available

  • find out how the interlocutor is named on the target device

  • as well as when the call started and how long it lasted

How to Use a Call Tracker?

It all starts with an account – as in most cases with modern utilities and services. Creating an account to use the call tracker will require the user to provide only the most essential data and choose the subscription plan. From now on, you are good to proceed with the installation.

Yes, you will need short-term and one-time access to the target device to install the software. In some cases, you may also need to go through steps like enabling unknown sources and disabling Google Play Protect if it hasn't been done before you start configuring the app. Once that's done, you can cover your tracks by deleting the browsing history on the target device and logging in to your device to monitor calls and other actions with Mobile Tracker Free.


Using a call tracker for monitoring is currently only possible for Android target devices. Mobile Tracker Free covers Android 10 and supports cross-browser usage. You can connect to the dashboard and monitor both from mobile gadgets and from the desktop.


My child spends a lot of time on the phone, should I be worried?

Addiction to social networks, virtual content, and online communication has become a reality of the modern person almost from the cradle. However, on the Internet, those who have more evil intentions can also find a way to connect with your kid. They know how to isolate and turn their victim against their parents by forcing them to do what they need.

If you notice a change in your child's behavior and mood, it may make sense to monitor their communications using a call tracker.

How to spy on calls?

Method number one: hide around the nearest corner while your child is on the phone; try to avoid being clumsy and knocking down a flowerpot standing near or accidentally stepping on a cat that has crept up to you. Doesn't sound very efficient? Then modern users can try spyware – a call tracker that works completely invisibly (by no means do we want to downgrade your skills, though). Get access to call log details and other perks that become available instantly.

If I use the call tracker, will I be able to find out what the conversation was about?

A call tracker does not involve recording phone calls – for this purpose, Mobile Tracker Free offers a separate feature. What you can get with the help of a call tracker is additional important data about calls, such as the time and duration of calls, their type, name and/or phone number of the contact person, and the location of the phone when the call was made.

Is it useful to use a call tracker?

Undoubtedly yes! After all, your little assistant that will work in stealth mode will be able to provide useful insight about calls that you could only find out by holding an unlocked target device in your hands. If this is not possible, and you want to protect your children from intruders and bad influences, expose your soulmate, or check the integrity of employees, then the program will cater to you.

Where can I see the call activity of the target device?

Sign up/sign in to your account with Mobile Tracker Free. Next, go to the dashboard to see a detailed description of your child's phone sessions. You can find out if they made a particular call, accepted or rejected it, thanks to the call tracker. You will see the names as they are recorded in the phone book of the owner of the target device, along with the phone numbers associated with them. Click on Calls to find out the duration of calls.

How quickly can I see call data on the dashboard?

All call activity data is simultaneously retrieved and displayed on the user panel. Using the software on Android devices allows you to quickly update in short time intervals, literally in a couple of minutes. Do you want to know whose calls your child constantly drops in your presence? This is your chance to find out.