What Is WhatsApp Tracker?

Do you want to know what your child is up to whenever their phone rings? The WhatsApp Tracker functionality of Mobile Tracker Free helps you retrieve even the deleted call log, including duration, timestamps, etc. That means you can monitor the target person’s audio calls and listen in without them knowing.

The deleted calls feature is essential because many kids use voice conversations because they don’t have long-distance charges. Essentially, WhatsApp calls are handy when calling long-distance. Additionally, outgoing and incoming numbers don’t have a trace on the phone bill.

Remember, the phone number appears on the user’s phone bill when you call another person from a regular cell phone app. So, a person that wants to be discreet uses WhatsApp calls. However, WhatsApp Tracker enables you to bypass this discretion and see who the target person calls.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Tracker?

If you’re a teenager’s parent or guardian, you may want to track your kid’s conversations for their security purpose. These days, kids use smartphones from an early age. Today, children between 10 and 14 years have smartphones, and some have an addiction to their use.

But no parent would leave their kids unsupervised when criminals might want to prey on them. Your child can use WhatsApp calls to contact and communicate with strangers that may have malicious intentions. If you don’t monitor what your children do on their smartphones, they can make the wrong choice and indulge in dangerous activities that may adversely affect their future.

Also, some business owners can use WhatsApp Tracker to monitor their employees’ calls when concerned about their work profiles. Some companies provide their employees with smartphones for making international and business calls. If an employee doesn’t produce good results, the employer may want to check their deleted calls to ensure that they make the intended calls with the device. Mobile Tracker Free provides the WhatsApp Tracker feature that you can use to monitor WhatsApp calls, chats, and much more.

What Can You Leverage from WhatsApp Tracker?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. It’s also famous for long-distance calls. Unfortunately, these functionalities bring several threats to the users. Cybercrimes can happen through WhatsApp. Luckily, parents can leverage WhatsApp Tracker features to monitor what their children are up to on this platform all day.

This parental control app helps track the target device calls, messages, and media files. You can leverage this spy app’s features to monitor your kid’s online activities. And this relieves you of the worries about your child’s safety from threats. Also, a husband or wife can leverage WhatsApp Tracker features to monitor what their spouse is up to on WhatsApp. Here are some key features you can take advantage of with our tool.

Monitoring Calls

WhatsApp Tracker provides all calls on a dashboard, allowing you to view them at any time. Also, the spy app displays the caller or called person’s cell phone number. Additionally, the dashboard displays the call duration.

Monitoring Text Messages

WhatsApp Tracker allows you to read the text messages sent from and received by the target device. The message tracker feature relieves you of the worries about the child’s safety because you know what they chat about on WhatsApp in real-time.  

Stealth Mode

WhatsApp Tracker runs in stealth mode upon installation. That means the target person won’t know or suspect that you’re monitoring them.

Protected Data Access

This spy app enables you to access even protected data with the keystroke logger. This feature provides data synchronization in real-time, meaning you can get passwords for accessing protected data.

Multimedia Tracking

WhatsApp Tracker dashboard allows you to view every image that the target phone’s camera captures. Also, it enables you to access and view received media files, including video reels.

How to Use WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp Tracker is a spy app that works on a target person’s phone. As a parent, you can use this smartphone spy application to monitor your child’s activities in the following steps:

  1. Visit the Mobile Tracker Free site and select your plan.

  2. Download and install WhatsApp Tracker after selecting your pricing plan and paying for the service.

  3. Use your credentials to register after installing the application.

  4. Log into your account and complete the setup process.

Once you’ve done that, you can track your child’s WhatsApp activity remotely from the provided dashboard. The dashboard allows you to quickly monitor calls, messages, protected data, and multimedia files without the target person knowing because it runs in stealth mode. And the good thing is that you can read retrieve deleted messages and read their conversations.


WhatsApp Tracker is compatible with Android 10 devices. Thus, it’s ideal for parents looking for an Android phone tracker to monitor their children’s communications.


How do I start using WhatsApp Tracker?

To start using WhatsApp Tracker to monitor your child’s or partner’s activity on this platform, you must install the application on their phone first. Visit the Mobile Tracker Free official site and download the app. Install the app and register after selecting a price plan. Clear the download and browser history from the target phone after completing the setup process.

Can I install WhatsApp Tracker remotely?

No. You can’t install it remotely. The app requires manual installation and removal from the target device. Therefore, you need physical access to the target device to install and complete the setup process. Perhaps, that’s the drawback of this application. Nevertheless, you can quickly do this because the process takes a few minutes and will run stealthily after installation.

Can I track my child’s WhatsApp messages?

Yes. WhatsApp Tracker allows you to track any target person’s WhatsApp messages after installing and completing the setup process. The application’s dashboard enables you to access WhatsApp messages and even retrieve deleted conversations. Therefore, a parent can use the WhatsApp chat history to monitor their kid’s online activity remotely and efficiently. That way, the parent can know what to do to ensure their kid’s safety.

Can I record WhatsApp secretly?

Yes. WhatsApp Tracker allows you to record WhatsApp secretly without the device user knowing. This spy app enables you to record messages, calls, and media with date and time. And since the spy software runs stealthily, the target person won’t notice that you’re recording them. Therefore, WhatsApp Tracker is your ideal app if you want to record and store data from the target device.

Can I see WhatsApp multimedia on a target phone without touching it?

Yes. You can monitor WhatsApp multimedia on the target phone without touching it after installing and completing the setup process. This spy app allows you to access the multimedia files that the target person shares or receives via WhatsApp. And you don’t require physical access to the target phone, meaning the user won’t know that you’re monitoring the media files they share and receive through WhatsApp.

Can I track the locations that the target person shares in chats?

Yes. You can trace the location that the target person shares via WhatsApp and pinpoint it on the map. Mobile Tracker Free WhatsApp Tracker lets you view the exact place the person is if they share it via chat. Thus, you’ve no reason to worry about your child’s whereabouts with this app.