What Is the Photo Tracker?

Mobile Tracker Free photo tracker feature lets you view all photos stored on the target device. Copies of the images and information about when and where they took them are saved and sent to you, which you can then view from any device. Not to forget, Mobile Tracker Free can also track messages and call histories and the target device's location.

The gallery tracking app feature lets you see all photographs shared, saved, received, and deleted from a target device. This will help you ensure that your children are not engaging in risky activities or that your employees are not illegally or unethically storing pictures and videos of critical data or operations of your firm. Smartphones have made it easier than ever to take images, meaning the necessity for a gallery tracker or tracking app feature has never been higher.

Why Should You Track and View Photos?

In this digital world, information is quite literally at our fingertips. Thanks to cell phones and the Internet, we can look up and learn about practically anything we're interested in. However, such freedom comes at a cost. Underage children are at risk since they may not know how to filter or analyze the information, particularly pictures, they encounter.

Leaving kids without parental supervision or control is not always a good idea. The solution? Get yourself a free photo tracker - Mobile Tracker Free - that you can use to skim through your children's photo galleries to ensure their safety.

The Internet is a vast network that links individuals all over the world. Unfortunately, hackers take advantage of this. To bully and blackmail kids, sexual predators and cyber thieves steal their personal information, including videos and photos.

Furthermore, corporate data is in danger of being leaked or compromised. Mobile Tracker Free photo tracker gives you quick access to the photo galleries on your children's and workers' smart devices, allowing you to identify suspicious photos and take immediate action.

Additionally, you can use the photo tracker to backup photos saved on your device. The best part about Mobile Tracker Free photo tracker is that it keeps both downloaded and deleted photos, so you can retrieve images from the app if you have accidentally deleted them from your smartphone. When necessary, you can remotely recover all of the data stored in the gallery.

What Can You Leverage from the Photo Tracker?

Here are the benefits of using Mobile Tracker Free photo tracker:

  • Protect Your Children: Children usually use their gadgets to take random images and share them on the Internet. This is especially true in today's social media-inclined world. Mobile Tracker Free photo tracker will help you keep an eye on images taken on your children's gadgets.
  • Monitor from Anywhere: You can sit back and monitor what they are doing from a distance, ensuring their safety. You can access the monitored data from any tablet, smartphone, or computer connected to the Internet.
  • Track Employee Activities: Employees may misuse your business-owned smartphone or other devices to gather and share critical data, often in the form of images and videos. So, it's advisable to keep an eye on their media to protect the company's privacy.

Other benefits of Mobile Tracker Free photo tracker:

  • View all of the photos either shot or downloaded on the target phone

  • Photos can be viewed remotely using your Internet portal

  • Get time and date stamps for each photo

Other features of Mobile Tracker Free include:

  • Real-time location tracking of the target device

  • Tracking and recording all the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the target device

  • Access to the target device's messages

  • Keylogging

  • Screenshot capturing without the target person knowing


Mobile Tracker Free photo tracker for spying on images works on Android 10 smartphones only. It is not compatible with other versions of Android or iOS devices.

How to Use This Feature?

The 5 steps to using a photo tracker on monitored devices are:

  • Create a Mobile Tracker Free account on the website or in the mobile tracker app. Note that you will be asked for a valid email address and a password to sign up.

  • After logging into your account, continue the process by entering the information for the target phone or device. The good thing is that you can use Mobile Tracker Free on both the desktop and the apps once set up.

  • Choose the target device from the left-hand menu, then choose the Videos & Photos option. All the content will be provided to you on the Control Panel's right side.

  • To sync the most recent videos and photographs saved on the monitored phone, click the refresh symbol on the dashboard.

  • After that, follow the installation steps, customizing the necessary settings on the desired device, and you will be ready to begin monitoring invisibly and safely.


Is it legal to spy on company-owned phones' saved photos?

Using photo trackers will help keep your organization safe from outside dangers, but they may also present legal issues. Employers can only monitor their employees' mobile devices if they specifically mention it in the job contract; spying is prohibited in all other circumstances.

Do photo tracking applications work?

Quality tracking applications like Mobile Tracker Free help track your employees' or children's smartphone activities, including the media in their gallery. Moreover, this app operates in stealth mode, so the target users will be unaware that their device activities are being tracked.

Is it possible to install a photo tracker remotely?

No, you will require one-time physical access to the device you want to monitor to install the photo tracker on it. That said, the installation will only take a few minutes. Once Mobile Tracker Free is up and running, you can access all data remotely through your web account.

Will a photo tracker icon be visible on the smartphones of my children or employees?

You can hide the icon after you have set up the photo tracker on the target device. So, unless you select otherwise, the target smartphone will have no app icon on its home page or even in its app drawer. Also, note that Mobile Tracker Free runs in the background, and the target person will have little to no clue of its presence.

Is an Internet connection required for the device I intend to monitor?

Yes, the target device requires an Internet connection to transmit all the data it has collected. Otherwise, the data sharing will not be fluent, and you may not get all the photos and documents. That said, if the mobile data connection or Wi-Fi is disabled after sharing all the data, you can still obtain regular updates regarding the phone's location.

How can I keep track of the photos on my children's or employees' electronic devices?

You must first install the Mobile Tracker Free app on the devices of your employees or children, stealthily, we may add. Then you must create and log in to an account. You will then be granted access to the mobile tracker dashboard that will allow you to monitor and scroll through the photo gallery of the target device remotely. You will also have display access to numerous mobile tracker functions in the selection panel.