What Is the Mobile GPS Tracker?

GPS tracking systems comprise a network of satellites and other devices that orbit around the earth and help determine a person‘s or object‘s location. They are installed in devices such as phones, vehicles, or other similar equipment for surveillance.

Mobile Tracker Free mobile GPS tracker is an advanced and efficient way to track vehicles and mobile devices. It provides the exact location and other related information of your target. The technology pinpoints the exact ground speed, longitude, course direction, and latitude of a person, equipment, or vehicle. More so, our GPS tracking feature will come in handy in case you want to locate your child, employees, or your car.

The GPS (Global Positioning System) network will connect the device with a base radio that consists of a GPS receiver, a computer station, and a GPS interface. It uses interactive maps instead of static map web images for sourcing the info. Want to know more about our mobile GPS tracker? Continue reading.

Why Should You Track Someone’s Location Using a Mobile GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is predominantly used for tracking the location of a vehicle or a person, which is quite essential, especially if you are a concerned parent or employer. Tracking location is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of the target person, vehicle, or object.

In addition, it helps in learning the real-time location of bikes, vehicles, people, phones, etc., on Google Maps, OSM, and satellite. This will come in handy in case your children are embarking on a long journey without adult supervision.

Also, you will be notified when the target person enters or exits a particular geo-zone. GPS location tracking also facilitates users with SOS alarms if the person changes the desired route.

In addition, tracking the location of an individual comes in handy if you have a courier or similar business where drivers are tasked to dispatch the items or deliver a product. With the tracking feature of the GPS, you can easily track the route of the vehicle and where it is headed. It helps in building seamless two-way communication with the driver and putting them under the pump such that they don‘t slack off and always focus on being as productive as possible.

What Can You Leverage from the GPS Tracker?

A mobile GPS tracker will help you zero in on the location of your children or spouse. Next, it will also help you record the time taken by your employees to travel from one location to another, stop durations, etc., allowing you to minimize the waste of person-hours of your workforce.

Some of the other benefits of the Mobile Tracker Free GPS tracker feature are:

  • Geofencing and Landmarking: Leverage these two features of a GPS tracker to easily set up alerts for when the target person holding the target device crosses a particular area or enters it. It is ideal for passively tracking the locations of a vehicle from the comfort of your home.

  • Real-Time Tracking: The tracker helps you monitor the location of a vehicle (or even if the person is on foot) on any device and browser in real-time. This way, you will always stay abreast of your children or parents’ live location, ensuring their safety. From setting up geo-fences to getting important alerts via SMS, you can use the innovative features of the tracker any way you like.

  • Get Real-Time Access to a Vehicle’s Info: Our GPS tracker will fetch you tracking details of a vehicle and its location history, mileage, parking, and over-speeding details within minutes.

  • Improved Security: Mobile Tracker Free GPS tracker will help you find and recover a lost or stolen phone or vehicle, increasing their security.

  • Anonymous Tracking: The target person will have no clue that their device is being tracked for location.

Other features of Mobile Tracker Free include:

  • Scheduling applications use

  • Access to the target device’s photos and videos

  • Access to the target device‘s social media

  • Listening in to the person’s conversations without them knowing

  • Blocking websites

How to Use the Mobile GPS Tracker?

The easiest way to use our mobile GPS tracker feature is by combining it with your Android 10 phone’s ‘Find my phone’ feature. Note that you will need to install the Mobile Tracker Free app on the target device — the device whose location you want to track. That said, the app’s size is negligible, and it will only take a few minutes to install.

Next, the app will connect to the target device’s Google Maps to send you its live location, which you can track from anywhere in the world; all you will need is internet access.


Our Mobile GPS tracker is compatible with Android 10 devices only.


What is the asset tracking feature of a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker’s asset tracking feature allows users to monitor the movements of expensive mobile assets, such as trailers, generators, etc. Simply put, it helps you track the real-time, exact location of your equipment, allowing you to ensure their safety.

How does a GPS tracker find a specific location?

A GPS tracker sources location information with the help of satellites. The continually working radio waves allow the tracker’s receiver to plot the vehicle’s changing movement on an electronic map and suggest a route or directions to the destination where the person intends to reach.

Does a GPS tracker provide travel history?

Yes, a GPS tracker can provide the travel history of a target vehicle’s previously traveled locations for as many as 100 days. The tracking history helps individuals collect details of lost vehicles, drivers, and other relevant information. Moreover, this data is portable and easy to access.

How are the users alerted of an emergency by a GPS tracker?

A mobile GPS tracker comes with an alarm feature capable of sending notifications in case of an emergency as per the set criteria. That said, kindly bear in mind that this feature is highly location and time-sensitive, meaning you will have to respond quickly.

Does a GPS tracker support live tracking?

A GPS tracker has a dedicated customized map and live-tracking feature making it easy for the users (parties involved in the tracking process) to learn about the routes, location, or movement of the target device

How does a GPS tracker eliminate Timesheet Fraud?

A GPS tracker is invaluable for you in case you own a courier or similar business. It will provide you with real-time insights so that your vehicle drivers don’t spend more than the required time on the trips. It helps keep track of the payroll hours, and the drivers are paid according to the time spent on a particular activity — nothing more, nothing less.