SIM Card Location Tracker: Top 5 Reviewed

Tracking a SIM card's location online is a complex process that requires the cooperation of mobile network operators and the use of specialized tracking software

Why would someone want to use a SIM tracker? One reason is to track their children to ensure they are safe. Another reason is to track work phones owned by employees. Some people may use a SIM tracker online to see what their spouse is up to if they suspect them of cheating. Let’s learn more about these digital opportunities.

SIM Card Location Tracker: What Is It?

A SIM card location tracker is an application you set up on a person’s phone. Once installed, it lets you see all the details and activities on the gadget, including a SIM card location in real time.

These location trackers will give vital information about the phone, such as the card number, type of network, IMEI number, and much more. They can sometimes track other important information, too, like what they’re doing on the phone.

Features for SIM Card Location Tracking

sim card monitoring

If you wish to use a SIM locator app, there are several features to be mindful of when choosing one. These features include the following SIM card details tracking:

Track Your Target’s SIM Card 🚩

The most noticeable feature is that the app should allow you to look up your target’s location. Usually, a location tracker will give you a live location in a detailed map similar to Google Maps. If the phone is on and working fine, the location should be updated as quickly as possible without too much of a delay.

With the SIM location tracker, it is possible to find out a lot about the person. Is your kid really spending the night at a friend’s house? Is your spouse really staying late at work? When you see someone’s location, you can learn the answers to these questions. Or, it may let you know that you’re worrying for no reason.

Monitor SIM Card Details 🧐

A good SIM number tracker should give you all the SIM card details. These include:

  • The SIM card number (ICCID.) This 18-22 digit number will reveal what region the card is from, what cellular network it can connect to, and other details.
  • IMEI number. Standing for International Mobile Equipment Identity, this number is used to identify a device.
  • Type of network. What cellular or Wi-Fi network the phone is connected to.
  • Suppose the SIM card has been changed. If your target tries to change their card, the tracker will notify you, and you will still track the target as usual.

A tracker will usually have these details in the dashboard, and it will notify you should these details change.

Ease of Use 👀

A good SIM card tracker app should be simple for you to use. Everything, from downloading the app to installing it for SIM tracking, should be a cinch. Another way an app can be easy to use is by not requiring jailbreaking or rooting. This is a process where you remove all restrictions from a phone. While the process allows for more freedom, some people may be turned off by how long it can take or how much of a hassle it is to set up. Plus, if you jailbreak certain phones, they’re also not available for resale or trade-ins, which can impact what you do with them once it’s time for an upgrade.

Affordable Price 💲

Finally, if you want to use SIM card number location software, you probably don’t want to break the bank. Several apps are available for a moderate subscription fee. Sometimes, you may sign up for a free trial, which is helpful.

However, beware of an app that promises to be truly free. They may come with a catch or not work at all. Usually, a “free” app will have a premium version that gives you more options. Alternatively, the app may have ads to pay the bills. These ads can be intrusive, but they are a small price if you want an app you do not have to pay for.

Now that we’ve discussed what you should look for, let’s look at several trackers that may be what you need.

Mobile Tracker Free SIM Tracker

Most of the apps on this list require some fee. They can help if you wonder how to track a SIM card, but what if you are on a tight budget?

mobile tracker free app home page

You’re in luck, as Mobile Tracker Free is an excellent app. It’s free to download and use, at least for some time. It functions like a regular spy app, giving you essential information such as the SIM card details and more.

use  mobile tracker free

However, some features in the free plan are limited. You’ll have to pay for the premium version if you want everything. But with that said, Mobile Tracker Free is available for Android and iOS and has a great free version that few other apps can boast.

uMobix SIM Card Details Tracker

If you need to track someone’s location, uMobix is one of the most famous spy apps. It’s been the trusted app for many parents who wish to see what their kids are up to for a while now.

uMobix sms tracker app

This phone tracker has many great features to help find a SIM card’s location. It is possible to install uMobix on Android or iPhone and then use the dashboard to see everything happening with the phone. The SIM tracker online lets you view the target’s real-time location, know the card details, and more.

sim card umobix

Perhaps one of the most essential features of the uMobix tracker is the ability to see if a SIM card is being changed. A smart target may change their SIM card to send messages about secret activity or harass someone. With uMobix, you’ll receive a notification if a new SIM card is activated. You can still track all of the target’s activities, even if the SIM card has been changed.

Overall, uMobix is a great app. It’s considered one of the best apps for parents to track their kids and can be used for many more situations than just that. The price starts at $12.49 per month as part of a yearly subscription.

Spyic SIM Location Tracker

Spyic is yet another popular spy app that lets you see what your target is doing in real time. If you need to locate SIM card, the tracker will help you. It lets you see all the SIM card details, such as their network, IMEI number, and more. When you see the IMEI number, you can save it if you need to track the phone if it’s lost. Spyic also has a detailed tracker showing your calls and SMS messages in real time.

track sim location

Finally, like uMobix, Spyic will notify you if your target has changed their SIM card. This way, you will track them more carefully, as there’s a good chance the target is doing something they don’t want you to see. The price starts at $39.99 per month.

Cocospy SIM Card Tracker

If you’re wondering how to trace a SIM card, Cocospy may be a good alternative. Like with other apps, you will see the details of the SIM card, including its network-based location. You will be notified if your target tries changing the card. And, of course, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the device.

cocospy track sim location

Overall, it’s a great app, but there’s not much else to see about Cocospy that we haven’t already discussed with the previous apps. The pricing is average, about $49.99 per month.

GEOfinder Sim Number Tracker

GEOfinder works slightly differently from all the other apps we have listed. The previous apps require installing the app on your target’s phone directly or indirectly through iCloud installation. But what if you can’t access the phone or the target’s credentials?

geofinder sim

One way to track a target is through GEOfinder. Enter the target’s number and upload an interesting image that they will want to check out. You may also attach a juicy message to it. Once you have done so, your target will open the message and turn on their location, and you will see their location in real time.

GEOfinder also lets you see the target’s Wi-Fi network and other details. It can be a great solution if you cannot track the target via SIM card location app. Apart from a $1 trial offer, the app’s full price is $39.99 per month.


Overall, the above apps are helpful if you want to know how to track a SIM card location. Some require you to pay a little or enroll for a trial, but they are worth the money. So, if you ask, “How do I find my SIM card location?” it has been answered. If you choose any of these solutions, you should be able to track any gadget with ease.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Now that you know the top 5 apps, try using one. With the SIM number trace tool of your choice, you will find all of the dirty secrets your target has been hiding. Good luck!


Can a phone be tracked without a SIM card and a battery?

Without a SIM card, it is still possible to track a phone. However, it must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. As for the battery, if you use a tracker, you should be able to see the last saved location.

Do I need to root or jailbreak the target phone to track it?

No. You can easily find a spy app that can track someone’s location without rooting or jailbreaking. However, some advanced features, such as a keylogger on iOS or recording calls, may not be usable until you root or jailbreak the phone.

How do I stop my SIM card from being tracked?

Turning off your location is an excellent way to start. Another tip is to use GPS, SIM, and IP spoofing. Finally, you should check your phone for any tracking software on it.

How to trace a SIM card in real time?

Modern technology allows you to track SIM card location online, and the information will be gathered in real-time reports. With a couple of clicks, all the data is on your screen. This is possible with the applications mentioned. uMobix, for example, firmly holds the position of a leader in this. 

How to track a SIM card location on Google Maps?

Since the SIM card is the way to use the phone number in most cases, you will need the help of This service will instantly help you to find SIM card location and show the exact position of the gadget on Google Maps.

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