Track Girlfriend’s Phone: Top 3 Apps for iOS and Android

Track Girlfriend's Phone Online

Picture the scene – you’re enjoying a quiet movie night with your girlfriend when all of a sudden, her phone lights up and vibrates vigorously, indicating an incoming call. Who’d be calling at this time of the night? You wonder, as she hurriedly leaves the room to answer the call in private, out of earshot. When she comes back, questions of who was on the other end are met with vague answers like, “it’s nobody,” or, “a colleague from work.” Realizing that you’ll never get the truth from her, you decide the best course of action is to track girlfriend’s phone. But how? That’s where we come in.

What Information Can You Monitor with a Girlfriend Phone Tracker?

If you suspect foul play in your relationship, employing a phone activity tracker app may be your best bet. This is because nowadays, we’re practically glued to our phones, and our whole lives revolve around these gadgets. Consequently, these smartphones hold the deepest insights into what we do, and even who we are. 

A robust girlfriend cell phone tracker is capable of disclosing her real-time location at all times. What’s more, some even let you see their text messaging, social media activity, contacts, and call records. In this article, we’ll explore some paid and free apps to spy on your girlfriend and uncover the truth.

Top Reasons to Track Your Girlfriend’s Cell Phone

There are many reasons why you would want to employ a girlfriend spy app. The most obvious is that you suspect infidelity on her part, and confronting her without evidence is out of the question. Other times, you may utilize a girlfriend location tracker when you want to ensure her safety. Perhaps still, she may have lost her phone. In such cases, tracking your girlfriend’s cell phone could be your best bet to try and find it.

Regardless of your reasons, the question of why track my girlfriend’s cell phone is one that has troubled many. So much so that a study by Avast found that 1 in 5 men and 1 in 4 women admit to snooping on their partner’s cell phone. Surprisingly, 7 out of 10 women who do so and more than half of their male counterparts end up finding evidence of foul play. 

3 GF Phone Tracker Applications You Should Know About

There are numerous apps on the market that one can utilize to track a girlfriend’s phone, some far better than others. To help separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve done the groundwork and brought you the top 3 choices for this very endeavor.

Gain Complete Control Over Her Phone with Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free - Home Page

How can I track my girlfriend’s location for free? If this is a question that troubles you, you’ve come to the right place. Mobile Tracker Free is the ultimate solution if you wish to spy on your girlfriend’s phone. With a particular emphasis on discretion, this tool helps keep tabs on your loved ones’ every digital activity, giving you peace of mind as you protect what matters most.

How It Works

Using the Mobile Tracker Free app is surprisingly straightforward. With a free account, you are granted access to a basic set of features for tracking your girlfriend’s cell phone. The app allows SMS and MMS monitoring, showing all sent and received communication. It can also track phone calls, giving insights into incoming, outgoing, deleted, and missed calls. In keeping with its reputation as a renowned girlfriend phone tracker, it shows your target’s location in real time through GPS tracking

What’s more, the app even lets you see all photos they take using their camera, including deleted ones. Other advanced features include a social media surveillance tool that covers all popular apps and a dedicated keylogger that records all their keyboard inputs. Not to be unfounded: Mobile Tracker Free gives free access to 5 last records of call logs, browser history, messages, photos, and videos.

Steps to Use

To begin using Mobile Tracker Free, you need only follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website and create a free account using your email.
  2. Download and install the app on the target device following the provided manual.
  3. Log in to your online dashboard and begin monitoring your girlfriend’s location, messages, calls, and more.

Find Her Location Secretly with

geofinder mobi website

How can I track my girlfriend on Android free? Enter, GEOfinder. A robust cheating girlfriend phone tracker, GEOfinder lets you know the precise location of any phone number you provide it. That’s right, you don’t need to install anything on your target’s phone or provide her credentials – you are only required to know her number. What’s more, the app offers an unbeatable free trial offer of $1 for 24 hours. This way, you get to experience firsthand GEOfinder’s capabilities before committing to a subscription.

How It Works

GEOfinder works quite interestingly. First, you provide your girlfriend’s or whoever’s phone you wish to track. Next, draft an enticing message to send to them. They will receive this message with a special tracking link embedded in it. Once they click that link, GEOfinder initiates the tracking, informing you of their exact whereabouts. 

Steps to Use

Interestingly, GEOfinder is accessible from any browser on your phone or computer. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to track your girlfriend’s phone with GEOfinder:

  1. Visit the official website,, input her cell phone number in the provided search field, and click search.
  2. This will prompt you to purchase a subscription. You can request a 24-hour free trial at this point.
  3. Sign up and log in to your account.
  4. Draft a message to send to your target.
  5. Wait for her to share her location by clicking on the attached link.
  6. Monitor her location on Google Maps from your user space.

Reveal Her IP and Location via a Simple Message with

location tracker website

Can I track my girlfriend’s phone with just her number? Short answer: yes. With the LocationTracker app, you can easily track any phone model or carrier armed with just their phone number. This tracking service covers the whole globe, ensuring you can locate your loved ones regardless of the distance that separates you. This app guarantees 100% privacy for your data, safeguarding any personal information you share or uncover. What’s more, you don’t need to undergo lengthy installation processes before utilizing LocationTracker.

How It Works

LocationTracker features a dedicated GPS tracker that’s capable of tracking the precise address of any cell phone number. It also features an IP logger that pinpoints your target’s position on Google Maps while letting you stay anonymous. If your girlfriend is connected to a WiFi network, LocationTracker’s WiFi tracker feature can display the hotspot she’s connected to. Even if she uses a VPN to hide her tracks, the app’s VPN checker is capable of sniffing her out. What’s more, in the rare event you need her device information, LocationTracker can obtain her carrier, phone model, and operating system details.

Steps to Use

  1. Visit the website on your browser and upload any picture from your device. The app will generate a tracking link to go with your picture.
  2. Copy the generated link and send it to the person you wish to track in any messenger. The text message can be customized.
  3. Once your target clicks the link, they will activate location tracking of their device.
  4. Log in to your account to monitor their location from your user space.

Steps to Track Girlfriend’s Phone Without Her Knowing

If you think your girlfriend’s cheating on you, you’d be well advised to monitor her phone if you wish to uncover the truth. To do so, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Choose your preferred third-party monitoring app. You’d never go wrong with any of the apps we’ve discussed above.
  2. Register an account and purchase a subscription if needed.
  3. For most apps, you may need to install them on your target device. Other online tools like GEOfinder allow you to skip this step and provide your target’s number instead.
  4. Monitor their whereabouts on your monitoring app’s online dashboard.

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Location for Free: Using Default Apps

Alternatively, you could always utilize the device’s built-in monitoring apps to find your girlfriend’s whereabouts. If she’s on Android, you could use Google’s Find My Device to locate her, but you’ll need access to her Google Account credentials. Notably, your target’s device will receive a notification once you initiate this tracking.

Here’s how to locate a mobile phone this way:

  1. Visit from your browser and provide her Google Account credentials.
  2. Select your target device from the top of the sidebar.
  3. You’ll get her approximate location on a map.

If your girlfriend has an iPhone, you can utilize iCloud’s Find My service to locate her device. To do so:

  1. Log in to her iCloud and open Find My.
  2. Choose Devices or Items.
  3. Select the target device to find it on a map. Select Directions to open its location on Maps.

Phone Tracking Software Can Let You Know the Truth

Harboring suspicions that your beloved is cheating on you can be quite a dilemma, especially if you have no proof to corroborate your claims. Before confronting your girlfriend, you’d be wise to gather irrefutable evidence. A good third-party phone tracking app such as Mobile Tracker Free can come in handy in such situations, allowing you to monitor her digital activities completely discreetly. Alternatively, you could use her phone’s built-in apps, but these might notify her of your tracking efforts.


What is the best phone tracker app on the market?

Mobile Tracker Free stands head and shoulders above its competition. It offers competitive pricing plans, as well as a set of free tracking features upon registration.

How to find out who my girlfriend is talking to?

The best way to find out who she’s entertaining is by accessing her messages and social media communications. This can be achieved using a robust phone tracker app like Mobile Tracker Free.

How can I track my girlfriend’s iPhone location?

You may use iCloud’s Find My service to locate them, but you’ll need her iCloud credentials. Alternatively, you could utilize third-party apps like, Mobile Tracker, or to discreetly track her whereabouts.

How to track my girlfriend’s mobile phone location without being noticed?

If discretion is your main concern, you’ll be best served by third-party tracking apps. These work in complete stealth, ensuring that your partner will never know that you’re tracking her.

Can I track my girlfriend’s phone if GPS on her phone is turned off?

It depends. Spy apps like GEOfinder, LocationTracker, or Mobile Tracker Free utilize technologies to pinpoint your target’s last location when her GPS was turned on. Another method is useful for iPhone models 11 and up with iOS devices running iOS 15 – the device coordinates will be transmitted even if turned off or offline on the condition that Find My network is enabled in settings.

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