What WhatsApp Spy App to Choose

Whatsapp spy app

WhatsApp is one of the most spied mobile phone applications worldwide because it is one of the most used ones. WhatsApp spy tool top ranks search requests when it comes to phone trackers. Usually, you get dozens of results, so how do you choose a good one? We will try to help you!

How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp

The easiest way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp is to install the tracker on the device and get all the conversation and visual data sent to your online dashboard. Such trackers work anonymously and secretly, so the user should not get any idea that they have a WhatsApp tracker on their cell phone. Here are some of the prominent titles to try.

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is, in a way, a revolutionary monitoring app, as it has a free basic version with a set of initial features, from which you can switch to a full one in a week with no issues at all.

Mobile Tracker Free - Home Page

It is not only a WhatsApp spy tool, it is a mobile phone tracker that covers all your monitoring needs:

  • SMS and MMS;
  • calls and call logs;
  • location;
  • files stored on the device;
  • applications installed and used.

In fact, you will see everything a person does with their phone in real time. To be able to do so, you must install the app on the target device. Although it works in 100% stealth mode, you must go through the whole installation procedure manually if you want to spy on an Android phone; it means you should know the device’s password and be able to stay with it “tet-a-tet” for at least 10 minutes. A detailed installation procedure is available on the website, so you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

whatsapp mobile tracker free

Things get simpler if your target has an iPhone, as Mobile Tracker Free can be installed remotely, in this case, using the corresponding iCloud credentials.

As soon as you finish the installation, access the online dashboard accessible from any browser using the credentials sent to your e-mail during registration. It is regularly synchronized with the target cell phone, so you will stay abreast of everything happening in its owner’s life. 

It operates on the chosen mobile phone in a stealthy way, as already mentioned. However, you must understand that it still consumes battery and the phone’s resources, so there is a tiny possibility the owner notices that something is wrong. Thus, similar to condoms, Mobile Tracker Free has a 99.9% guarantee, leaving 0.01% for peccability.

Now, let’s talk about pricing in more detail. There are several plans that provide the same features but provide different time options.

0$$29.99 per month$59.99 per month

As you can see, Mobile Tracker Free is quite flexible. There is a free trial, by the way, which can be used to check whether it is the best app for your needs, so do not hesitate to try it!


  • works on Android and iOS;
  • vast features toolkit;
  • free trial;
  • fast support response.


  • manual installation on Android;
  • some features do not work on iOS.


uMobix is Mobile Tracker Free’s closest colleague. It is also a cell phone tracker having WhatsApp spy as only one of its multiple features. It is also compatible with iOS and Android, so you can spy on WhatsApp no matter what device your target has.

umobix whatsapp

After installation, you get the username and password via e-mail and can access the dashboard using them. There, you get access to all the monitoring features:

  • social media tracking;
  • call tracking;
  • GPS location tracking;
  • screen time monitoring;
  • keylogger.

Initially, iMobix was created for parents who worry about their children, and 40+ features were designed with this idea in mind. However, later, the developers realized that not only do parents want to spy on WhatsApp messages; this feature is useful for employers and spouses, as well as many others. So, they “reformatted” the app to fit everyone’s needs.


  • fast synchronization with the dashboard;
  • precise GPS tracker;
  • customer support via live chat or email (premium support via phone by request);
  • WhatsApp spying is available on Android and iOS without rooting or jailbreak.


  • not very fast customer support response;
  • manual installation on Android.


This bad boy is one of the most popular social spy WhatsApp services. It monitors all the activity of the target device and does it anonymously. Like uMobix, mSpy was initially created to help parents spy on WhatsApp messages of their children, and then it enlarged its field of activity to all monitoring cases.

As for features, everything is standard here with no surprises:

  • activity tracker;
  • social media monitoring;
  • GPS location tracker;
  • keylogger.

mSpy offers 3 payment plans: monthly, 3 months, and 12 months. Obviously, the yearly plan has the lowest monthly rate. It works on all the devices produced in the last decade, however, there are no guarantees it will operate properly on older cell phones.


  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and email;
  • call recording, geofencing, access to deleted data;
  • operates on all new devices;
  • flexible payment options;
  • a keylogger with a fast response time.


  • people with older devices might face issues;
  • jailbreak is required to spy on FB and IG on iOS;
  • no free trial;
  • price could be more attractive.

SpyBubble Pro

Can you guess what the app with the word “spy” in its title does? You are not far from the truth if you say it is a WhatsApp spy app; it is a full-scale phone tracker to investigate your partner’s faithfulness. It can be installed on iPhones via iCloud or manually on Androids, and there is a free trial, which is great news for everyone who hesitates about what software to choose.

whatsapp tracker using SpyBubble

Although it cannot record WhatsApp calls, SpyBubble has a decent set of tracking services:

  • call tracker;
  • a tracker for social networks;
  • keylogger;
  • location tracker.

Typically for phone trackers, SpyBubble offers 3 payment plans that differ in timings, so if you are still not sure after trying it for free, you can choose the monthly plan and build your opinion on it from a longer perspective.


  • $1 trial for 48 hours;
  • flexible payment plans;
  • wide variety of features;
  • good location tracker.


  • keylogger only works on Android.


Finally, we get to the last title in our review – Hoverwatch. It is not the most prominent option if you need a WhatsApp spy apk, but it still provides decent service in this field. Available for Android, Mac, and Windows, Hoverwatch gives its users a good set of standard tracking features:

  • spy WhatsApp feature;
  • keylogger;
  • call tracker.

There is nothing unusual in its pricing as well – the same well-known 3 payment plans that depend on the period you choose. The free trial also seems a must-have nowadays, and Hoverwatch can boast one, which can be requested via support channels.


  • a good and stable tracker;
  • works fast and consumes very little phone resources;
  • installation takes minutes;
  • call tracker is detailed.


  • keylogger is available only for Android;
  • no live chat support.

What Additional Functionalities Beyond WhatsApp Surveillance Can Be Expected from a Spy App?

The best WhatsApp spy apps usually have many other features in the package, as they are supposed to monitor the whole mobile device activity, not only one of its aspects. Thus, you can surely expect such services as:

  • social network monitoring;
  • keylogger;
  • call listening and recording;
  • GPS tracking (it is the main and initial feature for all trackers);
  • WiFi block;
  • application control;
  • screen time control;
  • recording of the surroundings;
  • screenshots of device activities;
  • geofencing.

Other Ways to Track WhatsApp

Of course, not everyone can install a tracker on one’s device, so there are other ways to spy on WhatsApp free of charge.

  1. Use WhatsApp web. Simply ask for your target’s phone to “quickly check something”, open WhatsApp in your browser, and scan the QR code. In such a way, you will get full access to the messenger via its web interface with no WhatsApp spy app download.
  2. MAC copy. Get the target’s address MAC address. Of course, you must check it in the settings, so getting the device in your hands for a couple of minutes is required. Next, use a special app to link the acquired MAC address to your cell phone. Yes, it’s a bit of a hurdle, so prior research is necessary. When logging into WhatsApp, type your target’s phone number and enter the code sent to them. Viola, now no conversation will be hidden from you. 


We’ve also picked up frequently asked questions on this topic:

How do you spy on WhatsApp messages for free on Android?

The best way is to get a person’s phone in your hands for a few minutes and install Mobile Tracker Free. Its trial allows you to use the app for $1 for a week, and then you can switch to a payment plan. Alternatively, you may try accessing the WhatsApp web version. 

Which WhatsApp spy app stands out for its comprehensive tracking features?

We would say Mobile Tracker Free and uMobix are the most decent apps in terms of tracking features. Their functionality involves 40+ features without jailbreak/rooting or extra hassle.

How can I access the call history of WhatsApp chats on another phone?

This information is available on the online dashboard if you use Mobile Tracker Free. Log into it using the credentials you got on your e-mail, find WhatsApp on the menu, and all the information should be there.

Is there a way to view WhatsApp photos stored on another device?

All mobile trackers can share the photos and videos sent via WhatsApp. You do not need to do anything special; just access the WhatsApp group on the dashboard menu, which should all be there. Mobile Tracker Free allows viewing WhatsApp media on Android and iOS, let alone a bevy of other attractive features. Optionally, it is possible to log into someone’s iCloud and view backed-up files.

Does WhatsApp tracking provide real-time location insights besides message monitoring?

Whether you are about to spy on WhatsApp on iPhone or Android with Mobile Tracker Free, you will also be able to view location updates within 5-minute intervals since GPS tracking is the basic feature for all phone trackers, just choose a different section on the dashboard menu.

Final Thoughts

Tracking WhatsApp is definitely not an easy task, but luckily, there are a couple of different ways to do it. First of all, you can install a tracker on the device. It might not be easy, as there are some pre-requisites for this, but it should not be a big problem.

There are also ways to use the WhatsApp spy app free for Android and iOS. First, there are trial versions that cost little or no money, and second, you may access your target’s messenger using the web interface. Choose the one that fits you best and reveal everything!

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