Do Cell Phone Tracker Apps Record Phone Calls?

Cell Phone Tracker App

Online, many parental control and spy apps are designed to record a phone call. Most of these apps are installed on the target’s phone either manually or remotely through iCloud. Once installed, the app carefully hides itself in the background and collects activities your target performs on the phone. You’ll see the target’s texts, social media activities, and more through an online dashboard. Many apps can record phone calls as they are going on and send the MP3 files to you. 

However, not every app to listen to someone’s phone calls 📲️ can do this; some may require jailbreaking or rooting. In other words, the target phone must be hacked to remove all restrictions. Some apps will instead record call logs. You’ll see who your target calls, what calls they receive, and how long they are talking. These logs can be valuable if you want to know the basics, but you won’t be able to actually listen to the contents of the call.

Finally, some apps already installed on your phone can record calls. For example, Android’s Phone app already has a call recording option. This way, you don’t need to download any complex apps to record someone’s conversation.

How to Track Call Logs Using Mobile Tracker App 🌀?

Most spy apps should automatically tell you about a person’s call logs, and you can view an archive of who they have been calling. However, you may need to go to the dashboard’s settings and select if you want to record someone’s call logs.

mobile tracker free app

Tracking call logs can give you a lot of information about the person, but it won’t contain the contents of the call itself. Instead, you need to use a separate recording function for this. However, there are times when the call logs may be all you need. For example, if you don’t want your child talking to someone, the logs may show that they’re calling that person or at least an unfamiliar number.

What Are the Benefits of Apps That Can Record Phone Conversations 📱?

Apps that can record phone calls come with many benefits, with them depending on who you are and your situation.

🤓 Benefits for Parents

While you want to give your child some privacy, there may be situations when it’s vital to see who they are calling. For instance, if you feel like a predator is calling your daughter, you may want to listen in and make sure that they are safe. If you feel like your son has fallen into a bad crowd, listening to his calls can tell you where he is going and if he’s doing something illegal. Generally, phone call recording is perfectly legal, provided that the child is under 18.

😘 For Spouses/Couples

Recording phone conversations can be seen as a way to promote transparency and resolve doubts in relationships. It can provide an accurate record that helps couples address concerns directly, encouraging open communication. For those dealing with suspicions of infidelity, having recorded evidence may provide clarity and facilitate objective discussions, potentially helping to resolve issues. 

However, it is important to recognize the legal and ethical implications of such actions, as privacy concerns and consent requirements may vary. Open and honest communication and building trust are essential for maintaining healthy relationships.

👉 For Employers

If you give work phones to your employees, you, as the owner, can record what your employees do. Perhaps you want to archive important work calls for later. Or, you want to make sure your employees are not slacking off. Regardless of your intentions, these apps can be perfect for a business owner. To be legally clear, tell your employees that the calls may be recorded.

How Can I Log Calls with Mobile Tracker Free App

This tool can’t record cell phone calls remotely, but it can log calls. The app differs from other spy apps because it’s free to install and use (at least for some time). All you need to do to use Mobile Tracker Free is create an account and install the app on the target phone, and you’re good to go.

The Mobile Tracker Free app is a great tool for effective call logging. With its call tracker feature, users can gain detailed insights into call details such as the type of call (incoming, outgoing, rejected, or missed), GPS coordinates during calls, contact names on the target device, and the duration of the call. The app operates in stealth mode, ensuring discreet monitoring, and users can conveniently access all of this information through the dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of all call activities on the target device.

Here are some features of Mobile Tracker Free 📢:

  • Allows you to track SMS and MMS messages.
  • Allows you to see the GPS location of your target in real-time.
  • Save photos and videos sent, and even access images deleted on the phone.
  • Snoop through your target’s social media.
  • Control the camera on all photos being shot.

These are just several things you can do through Mobile Tracker Free. Overall, it’s a great app to keep track of your children or employees. Try it and determine if it’s right for you. This may be your go-to app when you need to track phone calls.

How to Record a Conversation on My Phone (iPhone)

If you are wondering: “How to record a conversation on my phone?” there is the proper answer. On the iPhone, there is a built-in way to record a conversation. This is through the Voice Memos app. Usually, it is already installed on your phone fresh out of the box. If it’s not, however, you may download it for free.

Record a Conversation on My Phone

Open the app and start recording using the red button. You can speak into it and playback the file to ensure good sound quality. In most cases, it should be, but there may be cases where you need to speak a little louder or lower the microphone sensitivity if it’s too loud.

However, Voice Memos may not work when you’re calling. In that case, you need another phone to record while speaking. Be sure to use a speakerphone to record the entire conversation.

Once recorded, press the recording button to end the call and select your file. Then, it is possible to email, text, or upload your file to Google Drive.

There are other phone recorder apps on the App Store that you may also want to try. Read reviews before downloading, as not all of them are created equal.

Phone Call Recording on Android

It’s much easier to record phone calls on Android. If your device runs Android 9 or up and you have the latest version of the Phone app, recording calls is simple.

Simply open the Phone app, then click on the top right, represented by three vertical dots. Click Settings > Call Recording. Then, it is possible to select “Always record.” It’s easy to adjust the settings to record depending on who’s calling. For example, you may wish to record unknown numbers but not people whom you know.

Again, you can also go to Google’s App Store to look for other call-recording apps. While the Phone app is perhaps your best option to record phone conversations, the other ones may offer some extra features that you could be interested in.

Google Voice: Listen to Call Recordings for Free

One app available for iPhone and Android users is Google Voice. With it, it’s possible to record all calls.

Google Voice

On the Google Voice App, go to the menu represented by the hamburger icon. Then, go to Settings > Calls > and turn on Incoming call recording.

The main benefit of Google Voice is that it gives you a separate phone number that you can use on your mobile device or computer. This may be good if you need two phone lines for work or another reason.

Use Third-Party Spy App with Call Recording Feature

If you want to track calls and texts from another phone, one of the best options is to use a spy app.

We’ve mentioned it before in our overview of Mobile Tracker Free. However, if you’re still unsure how spy apps work, they are installed on the target phone. You must have access to the person’s phone you wish to be recorded. Manual installation should be followed on Android phones. However, some phone recorders may be installed remotely on iPhones.

While most spy apps charge a fee, you get access to many different features that can keep track of everything your target does. With that said, you should always research any phone app you encounter. Some mobile trackers may be less trustworthy than others. You don’t want to download a scam app and potentially risk stealing your information.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to record someone’s calls, there are many ways to do so. There are built-in phone recorders for Android and iOS and paid spy apps with a multitude of extra features, but not all of them offer call recording, but just call logs.

Before we go any further, we should stress that recording calls may be illegal, depending on where you live and the situation. Always research to ensure you are in the legal clear to record phone calls. We hope this article was helpful to you.


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When is it legal to record calls?

Whether it is legal to record incoming calls depends on where you live and the situation. For example, if you live in a state that’s one-party recording, only one person needs to know they’re being recorded. On the other hand, if you’re in a two-party state, both parties (or everyone if it’s a multiple-person call) need to know about it. Generally, it’s illegal for a person outside of the phone call to record without the people in the call knowing.

Can I record the phone call without the other person knowing?

Check your local laws. In most states, you’re legally clear. However, if you live in the 11 states where everyone on the call needs to be in the know, you may be in trouble. These states are California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Can I intercept calls?

It’s possible to hack into a phone conversation and intercept it. You can do this by installing a spy app on someone’s phone. However, intercepting calls may be illegal, so be cautious.

Can someone listen to any phone call remotely?

If your phone has a spy app installed, someone can listen in on your phone conversation. One way to tell if a spy app is installed is if the phone seems more sluggish than usual or if the battery or data drains fast. However, some spy apps are discreet, and a phone needs to be taken to a professional to detect one.

How do you authenticate a recorded phone call?

The best way to authenticate a phone call is to take it to an expert specializing in authenticating calls. It is a process with forensic audio investigators looking for any alterations in the conversation.

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