Best GPS Phone Tracker to Track a Cell Phone’s Location

gps tracker for iphone and android

If you’re curious about where a phone’s located, a phone tracker helps you discover it. Here are the best trackers, some features of each one, and also why a GPS phone tracker might be something you need. 

Phone Tracker Must-Have Features 

If you want a reliable app, there are a few things you should look for:

  • First, you want one that’s easy to use to track a phone’s location without too much trouble. 
  • You also want a cell phone tracker that doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting since that does risk the possibility of data loss. This is especially problematic for people tracking phones which are lost. 
  • Other must-have features of a phone tracking app are they’re reasonably priced. Some of these are free, but others are paid. A free cell phone tracker is usually the way to go so you don’t get sucked into plans. 
  • Finally, you want the device’s real-time location, location logs, and SIM card tracking to figure out the exact details of where the phones are located. If it’s leaving a specific zone, you can also get notified, which is excellent for monitoring where someone is with their phone. 
what functions should a phone tracker have

Top 4 Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps

There are plenty of spy tracker apps out there, but here are the four that are at the top of our list for online GPS phone tracker apps. 


uMobix is one of the best for monitoring the location and what’s happening on a person’s tablet or phone. 

It’s a cell phone tracker that’s more advanced, and it can monitor over 30 other social media platforms and offers real-time location and additional important information, including where the person was last. You can also see any deleted and sent text messages too. The downside of this cell phone tracker is that it costs $49.99 per month. 

uMobix phone tracker - main page


SpyBubble is a spy app and a tracker for the location of one’s phone. This app monitors texts, social media, calls, and even the location. You can look at text and call logs and even read their social media posts. 

It’s a good phone number tracker and a browser history tracker, so you can see exactly what someone is doing. However, this one also has a monthly subscription price of $49.99. 

SpyBubble home page image


Cocospy GPS phone tracker lets you try before you buy, allowing you to spy on social media apps, track ongoing and outgoing calls, and track messages. It’s also a phone tracking app that lets you track a phone’s location to see exactly where it is. 

You can also track it in real-time using complex GPS technology, and it also offers Geo-fence alert, so if you see the phone leave certain areas, it’ll notify you instantly. 

The pricing is the same for iPhone and Android devices – $49.99 per month, $27.99 per month if bought for 3 months, and $11.66 per month if purchased for a year. The downside of this tool is that it doesn’t offer a free trial.

Cocospy - Tracking and Remote Surveillance

Mobile Tracker Free

Finally, we have Mobile Tracker Free, a GPS phone tracking app that lets you keep an eye on someone’s phone, all for free. 

With many free features, simple installation, and usage, and it also lets you track messages from WhatsApp and Facebook, you can do all of this without rooting it. 

You can monitor a person’s phone in real-time, and thousands of customers love this free GPS phone tracker online to track a phone’s location easily. 

It’s the one that’s at the top of our list, and it’s for a good reason. 

Mobile Tracker Free App

Why Choose Mobile Tracker Free

What features does this have? Read on to find out why we believe that this is the phone number tracker that’s the best out there. 

Free Basic Features

Plenty of features are included for free with this tracking app. 

  • It lets you check for SMS and MMS messages that were sent, along with incoming and outgoing calls, along with calls missed. 
  • It also lets you track the locations of where someone’s phone is, and even if you don’t know how to track a person’s phone, they go through it simply. 
  • It also checks social networks, including messages received and sent, and searches on many social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. 
  • Finally, it lets you track pictures, including what’s taken and received, along with deleted images. 

Parents looking to check on their kids also have remote control features, which lets you capture what they’re doing in real-time without notifying the user. 

some features

Ease of Installation

This free GPS phone tracker online is a phone tracking app that’s easy to use.  Even if you’ve never learned how to track a phone, this cell phone tracker offers a variety of features. First, you have to make an account, install the application, and then you can start tracking. After that, no more exorbitant fees and no more complicated rooting can risk a person’s data. 

Convenient Interface

It’s got a very straightforward interface, including monitoring of a person’s history, phone number tracking to see who the person’s been talking to, and it even lets you restore old data previously deleted on their phone. 

While other cell phone trackers let you track the information on a person’s phone, it’s frequently a complex maze to find out what a person’s been looking at. Sometimes, even using a phone tracking app to track someone’s browser history can involve difficult hoops to jump through. However, you don’t need to do any of that with this one. It’s all right there, all for free too! 

Requires No Rooting

This app doesn’t require any rooting. While rooting is what you need to remove any apps that were pre-installed on your device or change system settings, this can also corrupt the data.  

It also makes it hard to hide that you’re tracking the phone. It also can make it lose the warranty, and our phone security will be compromised. Most companies don’t suggest rooting. 

However, with this tracker, you can use this free GPS tracker online without needing to root or install anything on the device you want to track. It’s a spy app made simple. 

GPS Tracking

Finally, Mobile Tracker Free offers a phone tracking app that lets you also track the person’s location through GPS. Usually, with a phone tracker, you want something simple to use and accurate. You also want to set up different barriers to knowing if the phone leaves those areas.   With the tracker, you get just that, and it also lets you find out based on the latitude, longitude, and even the address where the person was with the phone. 

You can also set the interval time to every 15 minutes instead of every hour, tracking where someone seamlessly is with the phone. Finally, it lets you view their location directly on Google Maps, so you’ll know where they are. If the GPS is disabled, whether due to the GPS being turned off or otherwise, you can retrieve the position and monitor exactly where they are. 

It’s advanced GPS tracking, and it’s free, offering you peace of mind without paying a ton of money. 


While other mobile trackers do the job, Mobile Tracker Free does it the best. Moreover, it’s free, and you don’t have to worry about spending tons on a subscription for the same features. 

Get it today so you can track your children, employees, or whomever, ensuring their safety and location without needing to jump through hoops. 


Do I need to install any software to track a cell phone location?

You only have to install the software provided on the website to track the phone’s location. For Mobile Tracker Free, it’s all provided on the site, and you just have to configure the application through the handy steps on their explanation page to use it. Otherwise, no third-party APKs need to be installed unless the app says otherwise. 

What apps can I use to locate an Android device?

You can use many apps to track a person’s phone. SpyBubble, uMobix, Cocospy, and Mobile Tracker Free offer phone and history tracking. You must set the chosen app up, pay applicable fees, and start tracking now. 

How can I track a person’s GPS location for free? 

There are a few ways you can track a person’s location for free. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of apps to track someone’s phone, most include some fees:
– Mobile Tracker Free is a free phone tracker app you can try right now. You have to sign up, install the application, and then you can get started. The app offers tracking with Google Maps, offering precise locations of where someone might be. 
– Another way is to use Google Maps, offering a tracking history on a device. To use it, you need Find My to be installed along with Google Maps. To use this, you have to log in with the credentials used on that phone, bring up Google Maps, press the menu, then go to Timeline and then look at the dates to figure out tracking. This one, however, can only be done on someone willing and consenting to being tracked or if you know their credentials. 
– Finally, there is IMEI Online, a phone tracking website. To use this, you must enter the appropriate IMEI number and the country where the phone is registered. From there, the Tracker finds an exact tracker on the phone’s status. This is useful for finding stolen or lost phones. The one caveat of this one is that it only tracks GPS location, and you need this information before you can figure out where it’s located. You can, however, use this one if you don’t have a phone tracker installed, and it just requires the IMEI number and the phone number’s country of origin to use it. 

How to connect gps tracker to mobile phone?

To connect a GPS tracker to your mobile phone, use the Mobile Tracker Free registration form:
1. Click on the Download button
2. Enter your email address
3. Get a PDF file with instructions for using the Mobile Tracker.
4. Download and install the Mobile Tracker app on your Android device
5. Open the app and log in using your account credentials.
6. Track the location of the device and a lot of other data.

Now your GPS tracker will be connected to the tracked mobile phone, and you can start tracking it

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