10 Best Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

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Phone tracking apps can be a valuable tool for monitoring the activity of someone’s device. This article lists several apps you might want to consider if you search for the best phone tracker app. Let’s begin with services worth considering in 2023-2024:

Mobile Tracker Free

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The first app we’ll discuss is Mobile Tracker Free. This app is indeed a free mobile tracker, allowing you to track the phone activity of your children, employees, or anyone else. In addition, you can view SMS messages, see app activity, view their GPS location, and much more.

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Some may find this is the best phone tracker app because it offers specific features for free. But, of course, their amount is limited. You should purchase the premium version if you wish to get access to complete functionality.


  • Many tracking features for free.
  • You don’t need to root the phone to use it.
  • User-friendly app for monitoring your children or employees.


  • Limited free version.
  • Lack of live chat support.


uMobix is a tracking solution presented as a parental control app, and it’s for Android/iOS. What makes uMobix the best phone tracker app for some is that it includes everything you need in a tracker. With all the significant applications covered, you can set it up quickly and receive real-time updates.

uMobix, unfortunately, is not free. There is a trial version for $1, but it is limited in time. However, the free trial lets you get a taste of the application to see if it’s for you.


  • It’s an easy-to-install monitoring app.
  • It does not require you to root/jailbreak any of your devices.
  • For both Android and iOS.


  • The free possibility to use it is available only for 2 days.
  • Remote installation only for iOS.
uMobix snapchat tracker


The next app for Android and iPhone in our phone number tracker list is GEOfinder.mobi. This app is unique because it’s only targeted at tracking a person’s location instead of tracking all phone activity.

Some people may like this in a cell phone tracker, as they only want to see where someone is. This is the all-purpose GPS phone tracker app for some because it does not require installation. Instead, you enter the number you want to be tracked, pay for a subscription, and then GEOfinder sends a customizable text message. The user opens the text and is asked to turn on the location. Usually, this message comes in the form of a weather alert or another unsuspicious text, making the process anonymous. 

Once they turn on their GPS location, you will see where they are.


  • Simple to use and precise GPS tracking
  • No installation is required, making this the robust mobile phone tracker app without permission
  • All you need is a person’s number


  • Some might find this single-use phone number tracker to have an expensive plan
  • The person might not turn on location services


Hoverwatch is another tracking app that allows you to view any activities on the installed phone. Like many apps on this list, it comes with a free trial and an interface that will let you monitor everything discreetly. This might be a phone number tracker to consider for Android. It allows tracking location, but installation on the target phone is a must. 


  • Various features for Android users.
  • The free way of usage lets you try everything out beforehand.
  • Clean interface.


  • Tracking app for Android devices only.
  • Customer support could be more prompt.
Hoverwatch app


SpyBubble is a tracker app for iOS and Android. It lets you track a user’s location, view messages, and more. What we like about SpyBubble is that it’s easy to install, requiring no jailbreaking.

SpyBubble also has excellent customer support. They are available 24/7, meaning it’s easy to speak to someone if you have questions. With some apps having limited support, that is a plus.


  • Easy installation.
  • Tracks many apps.
  • For both iOS and Android and doesn’t require rooting.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Full access to Facebook and Instagram on iOS.


  • Some features are only for iOS.
spybubble phone tracker


XNSPY is an all-purpose tracking application designed for iOS and Android, offering users seamless phone monitoring of locations and messages. Renowned for its simplicity, the app ensures an easy-going experience with straightforward installations, often eliminating the need for jailbreaking. This user-friendly interface improves accessibility for individuals seeking efficient and discreet surveillance. 

Whether keeping tabs on a device’s whereabouts or monitoring messages, XNSPY delivers comprehensive functionality without compromising ease of use. Its compatibility with both major operating systems positions it as a convenient solution for users seeking a reliable and accessible tracking application across a range of devices.


  • Effortless installation ensures a user-friendly setup.
  • Global location tracking.
  • Cross-platform compatibility catering to both iOS and Android users.
  • Dedicated customer support offers 24/7 assistance.


  • Exhibits feature discrepancies between iOS and Android, with certain functionalities exclusive to one operating system.
xnspy app tracker


Spyic stands out as one of the leading Android tracking applications, providing extensive monitoring capabilities for device activities. Its robust features include call tracking, message monitoring, and real-time location tracking, ensuring a comprehensive insight into the target device’s usage. With a user-friendly interface, Spyic allows seamless navigation through its diverse functionalities. 

Its discreet way of usage enables users to explore its capabilities before committing. Spyic’s reputation for reliability and efficiency makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a powerful and user-centric mobile monitoring solution.


  • Android-centric features.
  • Intuitive interface, simplifying navigation for a seamless and efficient monitoring experience.


  • You have to manually hide the app icon.
  • No live chat support.


Cocospy is a tracking app that monitors all phone activity and provides 24/7 customer service. Like most of the apps on this list, it’s for iOS and Android, and for both, neither rooting nor jailbreak is needed. The app works in stealth mode, so the target won’t find out about your supervision. The installation is performed in 3 easy steps and takes a few minutes.


  • Excellent tracking for a reasonable price.
  • Round-the-clock customer service.
  • Plenty of features, such as keylogging, ambient streaming, etc.


  • Different features for iOS and Android, so make sure it fits you.
  • No free possibility to use it.
cocospy app

Find My Device for Android (Android Only)

If you want to find someone’s location and they own an Android device, one thing you can do is log in to “Find My Device,” which is a service already included in modern Android phones. To use it, you need the target’s Google login information. Then, when you log into Find My Device, you can see where the device is located and erase the phone if needed.

The only downside is that it is possible for the person to have their location turned off and for them to have two-factor authentication.


  • Gives exact location tracking.
  • Can ring or erase the phone.
  • This app for Android is absolutely free.


  • Target’s login information is required.
  • A turned-off location or two-factor authentication can put spokes in the wheel.

Find My for iOS

This app is the same concept as Find My Device but for iOS devices. Log in using the target’s iCloud information to view their location and erase their device if needed.

In addition, if the target is part of a Family Plan, you do not need their credentials. However, like with Find My Device, it can only be easy if you have access to the target’s information or if the target has specific permissions turned on.


  • Included with every iOS device.
  • Gives accurate location-tracking information.
  • Free to use.


  • You must have the target’s login information.
  • A target with their location turned off can thwart your attempt to track them.

How Does a Cell Phone Tracker App Work?

Most cell phone tracker apps are installed on the target’s phone, either through the person possessing the telephone or remotely. Once installed, it discreetly puts itself in the background, with modern phones able to run the app without slowdown.

The person who installed the app can then use a dashboard to view phone activity. For example, they can see messages, call logs, location, and more.

There are many reasons that someone would wish to track a phone. For example, some parents want a tracking app on their minor child’s phone. Meanwhile, employers may install it on a work phone to ensure their employees are working.


With that, we’ve listed several phone trackers. The choice of the best phone tracking app depends on your needs and budget. Some trackers on this list, such as Find My Device, work well if you want to know a person’s location and have their login info. Meanwhile, Mobile Tracker works well if you want a hybrid between paid and free. Finally, something like uMobix works well if you want it all and are willing to pay for a subscription. 


Do I need to install software to spy on someone’s location?

Many tracking apps require you to install the app on the target phone, either physically or through cloud services. However, some trackers do not require installation. One example is GEOfinder, which texts the target and enables them to turn on their location. However, for the most accurate results, an app installed on the phone leads the way.

What is the most accurate phone tracker?

Phone trackers like uMobix deliver accurate tracking. However, accuracy can depend on where the target is. For example, if the target is in an area with a poor signal or is in a crowded place, the accuracy could lessen. With phone tracking, this is always something to keep in mind. Sometimes, resetting the phone can improve accuracy as well.

Can I locate a phone if it is offline?

Locating an offline phone can be more challenging as you do not have real-time location tracking data. However, some phone trackers enable you to see where the phone was the last time it was online, giving you an idea of where it may be.
In 2020, Android implemented a feature to make finding offline phones easier. If the target has offline tracking enabled and you can sign into Find My Device, it may be possible to find an offline phone. However, you may not obtain 100% accurate information.

Are there any pitfalls in using phone tracker apps?

Phone tracking apps do have several disadvantages. Let’s look at some of them: a) Tech-savvy teens can find ways around the app, particularly if they suspect it’s been installed. Not only that, but it can lead to them becoming more secretive. b) Phone tracking apps create trust issues. c) Spousal spying may cause rifts in the marriage. d) Phone tracking apps can be illegal if you install them on an adult’s phone without them knowing. 

Is there a free cell phone tracker app available?

Yes, several phone tracker apps offer a free version with limited functionalities. Notable options include Mobile Tracker Free, Life360, Find My Device, and Find My iPhone. However, for more advanced features and comprehensive tracking capabilities, consider premium options instead of a free cell phone tracker.

Is there a phone tracker app that works on both Android and iPhone?

Yes, many phone tracker apps are compatible with both Android and iPhone. Examples include Spyic, mSpy, and FlexiSPY, offering cross-platform functionality for seamless tracking across different devices and operating systems. Check the specific features and compatibility of each app to ensure it meets your tracking needs on both Android and iOS platforms.

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