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snapchat anonymous viewer

Knowing everything about someone’s private Snapchat account is impossible unless your name is included in their list. But we live in the age of technological solutions, and a private Snapchat story viewer can help you snoop into the stories and pictures easily and remotely.

Anonymous Snapchat Stories & Profile Viewer Apps

Relying on a legit and accurate Snapchat profile viewer will provide accurate monitoring and discreet social media spying. For these reasons, we gathered up the best Snapchat online viewer apps for you that can be your best agent in secret phone tracking. Keep reading our review and dig into the details.

1) Mobile Tracker Free

mobile snapchat tracker free

The comprehensive tracking features of the app put Mobile Tracker Free at the top of our list. As one of the best parental monitoring tools, it offers detailed mobile surveillance on your kid’s Snapchat accounts. The online activities of the Android or iOS phone are monitored secretly data is imported to your user panel simultaneously. With Mobile Tracker Free, you may also track calls and contacts, block harmful websites, and track GPS signals.

The logic behind the software is to disguise itself in the mobile OS and act like a hidden program running secretly in the background. For this, a 5-minute physical access to the Android phone is enough for the quick app installation. The website ensures a smooth set-up process, and the social media details can be viewed in real-time snapshots from any browser. For iOS installation, 2 steps are necessary: 

  • install the software on the target device in order to monitor location and browser history right after the purchase (by scanning the QR); 
  • after that, fill in the iCloud credentials of the target device in your userspace to monitor iMessage, Contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram and phone activities.
Full access to Snapchat shared media and chatsReal-time screenshots for Snapchat online statusNo rooting1-week free package with basic featuresSnapchat tracking only for Android
No call recording
No geofencing

2) uMobix

uMobix snapchat tracker

Along with years of experience in the field, uMobix has a sterling reputation among Android and iPhone users. Apart from discreet calls, SMS, mailbox, and installed app tracking, the Snapchat public profile viewer can snoop into all social media profiles and dating apps without permission. Each snap of the account holder is tracked via snapshots, and all data is saved on your user panel with timestamps.

uMobix runs in full stealth mode and protects user privacy with legal regulations. All social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, can be tracked remotely after a quick installation. Plus, iCloud credentials are enough for a remote set-up.

No jailbreaking or rootingCamera snapshots for a shared Snapchat story or picture Free demo 14-day money-back guaranteeSnapchat viewer not available for iOS devices

3) Cocospy

snapchat story viewer

The Snapchat story viewer without account allows users to track someone’s snaps and stories without them knowing. You can view the social media profiles, frequently contacted names on the online platforms, and private chats remotely by registering to a Cocospy account. The phone tracker provides real-time reports of Snapchat’s online status and alerts you for every new snap or story.

The story viewer can also track web history and access the pictures and videos on the phone’s gallery. The geofencing feature allows parents to draw geographical borders virtually and get notified if their loved ones breach the set limits. Reasonable prices await newcomers on the website with exclusive discounts.

Anonymous Snapchat viewerNo jailbreaking/rootingDemo availableFlexible pricingMultiple device tracking in 1 subscriptionRestricted Snapchat tracking for iPhonesNo live chat  

4) TheTruthSpy

the truth spy anonymous snapchat story viewer

TheTruthSpy Snapchat account viewer is a valid phone tracker developed for hidden Android surveillance. It successfully hacks the mobile OS and spies on someone’s Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat profiles without them knowing. The keylogger feature of the app grants full access to all usernames and passwords of the social media accounts, leading to smooth Snapchat monitoring.

You can view the snaps and stories of a public or private profile without being noticed and check Snapchat calls and messages the moment they are received or sent. In addition, the ambient recording gives you a clue about the possibly harmful real-life connections your loved ones may have with online predators lingering on social media platforms.

View deleted Snapchat messagesRecord callsEasy installationMultiple device tracking availableHigh battery consumption 

5) SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble snapchat public profile viewer

SpyBubble Pro is one of the most extensive phone tracker apps in the spyware market. All offline and online phone activities of the aimed Android or iPhone are monitored without leaving a trace. The reliable tracking information reported on the dashboard eases the minds of millions of parents and spouses worldwide.

The top-notch Snapchat profile viewer digs into Snapchat’s public and private profiles without permission. It notifies you whenever the account holder is online or shares a new story or picture. Moreover, you can snoop into the private messages shared on the platform and read them secretly. The geolocation feature of the app also informs users of the real-life contacts extended from the virtual environment of Snapchat. 

100% stealth modeNo jailbreaking/rootingCamera snapshots for Snapchat activitiesSpecial discounts offered 24/7 live chatNo demoFunctions for iOS are more limited if compared with those for Android

6) eyeZy

Eyezy snapchat anonymous viewer

eyeZy promises users accurate and reliable Snapchat monitoring through advanced tracking features. The photos and videos shared on Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp are tracked via the screen recorder feature, and the received/sent/deleted chats on online apps are saved on the user panel with timestamps. 

iCloud synchronization allows remote set-up for iOS users, and downloading the Android APK is enough for a quick installation. The Snapchat viewer online also offers customers remote phone spying through the shared Wi-Fi connection. Plus, mobile networks, GPS signals, and more are monitored anonymously and remotely.

Valid and extensive Snapchat spying (on Android and iOS (with jailbreak for the latter)Keylogger Demo of the best features14-day money-back guaranteeThe software icon needs to be hidden manually on the tracked device 

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is a lively virtual platform that intrigues millions of people every day, and snooping into someone’s Snapchat account is not always as discreet as it should be. Such situations may create inconveniences in many circumstances and make people doubt your intentions. Thus, relying on a trustworthy and quality Snapchat viewer is the most secure and accurate way for efficient phone spying. If you need to track Snapchat and the target device is Android-based, resort to any of the apps on the list; if it is iOS-based, resort to using eyeZy (since it allows jailbreak). In this regard, we hope our review of the top 6 Snapchat account trackers guide you on your research and help you ensure the online safety of your loved ones in the best way possible.


This guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge to view Snapchat stories and profiles effortlessly:

Does Snapchat detect screenshots on app viewer?

Snapchat policies favor user privacy and send a notification to the profile owner whenever someone takes a screenshot of their online content on the platform. However, an anonymous Snapchat story viewer disguises itself in the mobile OS and screenshots every Snapchat photo and video without detection, enabling safe and discreet online monitoring.

Can I view someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing?

Yes. A discreet Snapchat story viewer allows you to view all private and public stories and pictures of the account holder without permission. These spyware tools run in full stealth mode and avoid any detection for screenshotting or viewing Snapchat content, protecting your anonymity. 

Are Snapchat story viewers safe to use?

Like with many online tools, it is crucial to find and use a trustworthy Snapchat anonymous viewer. Validating the reputation of the app among users, reviewing the customer comments, and conducting research on its policies may protect you from any spam acts. Or, to save time, you may safely rely on the quality viewer apps we selected for you in this review and start secure and remote Snapchat monitoring now.

What are the alternatives to using Snapchat story viewers?

The most common method to view someone’s Snapchat story or profile secretly is to create a fake account and add that person as a friend. This will give you full access to their online content. Or, you may simply use a VPN and hide your IP address and online activities. Last but not least, turning on Ghost Mode on the platform will prevent others from seeing your spying act on their Snapchat stories.

Are there any free Snapchat story viewers available?

Quality comes with a price, and relying on valid spy apps is the best move for safe mobile surveillance. Thus, many Snapchat viewer apps demand fees for their monitoring services. If you seek a free Snapchat tracker app, you can try the 1-week basic plan of Mobile Tracker Free and start tracking someone’s Snapchat profile immediately.

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