How To Track Your Children’s Call For Their Safety

Track Children’s Call

Digital world is changing in a blink of an eye. With new technologies emerging here and there, online predators are too finding new tools to reach their victims.

As children spend more and more time online, parents naturally dwell on possible online dangers: cyberbullying, online predators, sexting, etc.

Even if you block adult websites (or apps), that doesn’t mean online predators won’t stick their noses into game chats or on social media to put their rotten intentions into practice online predators, sexting, etc. Online predators are a real scourge. Kids, innocent and trusting, are becoming their easiest target.

Being equipped with modern tools is vital! One of the most surefire ways for parents to stay on guard of their kids’ online safety is using parental control apps.

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Track your kids’ online activities

Parental control apps nowadays are online predator’s worst enemies. Once installed on the phone, it gives parents sort of “net” to put over kid’s online activities. All suspicious interactions are immediately reported!

How does it work? ⚙️

The app is installed instantly by providing iCloud credentials. For Androids, there is a video instructing how to install the app on a kid’s phone.

Once it’s there, all set up, a parent signs into a personal account and gets data traveling from the target phone to userspace. The data is displayed automatically, getting updated every 15 minutes (by default).

How it helps? 🤝

Dashboards reflect all kid’s activities throughout the day. Starting from phone calls, their duration, the content of SMS, to accessing photo gallery & intercepting chat messages, and revealing suspicious contacts.

Kids are now spending much time in such squishy apps as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. Despite all the exciting activities these apps offer, they’re highly time-consuming, and moreover, produce an excellent basement for predator’s activities.

Use a tracking app for monitoring phone calls

Besides Social Media, there are also friends who just love to steal your kids’ time, hanging on the line for 500 hours in a row.

Instead of doing homework, your kid is discussing fresh gossip, giggling, playing computer games, with the phone on the ear.

As a parent, you cannot always track how much time your kid spends on the phone. Especially when they’re out of home.

But you can tell how much time exactly did your kid spent in phone calls: by installing parental control app, you can easily extract this data on a daily basis.

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Mobile Tracker Free app is a provider of top-notch features for intercepting incoming and outgoing calls. With the help of it, parents can even view the ones that are erased.

If you still wondering, how to track your children’s call, try out this app for free and enjoy its functioning. Data delivery is lighting-quick. The interface is pleasant and user-friendly. Our support team is there for you to help you go through the installation process or answer any questions emerging throughout usage.


Looking for features to help you track your kid’s call? Here are some coming in handy if you need to see who your kid is communicating with.

Call History Tracking

A full history of phone calls: view incoming, outgoing, deleted, missed. Mobile Tracker Free provides you with contact info of callers and data about the duration of each call.

24/7 GPS-tracking

It’s best if your kid spends time in a good company. Unfortunately, there are some cases when you have to know where your kid spends time in order to prevent some severe dangers.

With Mobile Tracker Free, you can receive the location of the target in a few seconds! A real-time GPS tracker transmits location data and lets you access historical data to see your kid’s routes throughout the day.

Access to SMS and MMS

A free package allows you to view all the information received and sent by your kid through SMS and MMS. Of course, kids now are primarily communicating through messengers and on Social Media, but SMS can reveal some useful data too: think about SMS campaigns from businesses that give a clue about how your kids spend money, which places they visit, or which services they order. Mobile Tracker Free opens the way to see the content of all the messages: sent, received, and even deleted (given your kid intercepted your intentions).

Why it's important to track your child's cell phone

Today it’s so much easier for parents to get peace of mind by being “in-the-know” about their kids’ whereabouts. Mobile Tracker Free is a state-of-the-art affordable app with only useful features that comes with a free version. Today, every parent can try out a monitoring app, check how it works, compare with others, and make an informed decision.

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