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Parenting in the 21st century comes with new challenges in keeping children safe from cyberbullying and social media exposure at an early age. SMS tracker for mobile devices is one of the effective and, at the same time, unobtrusive methods of monitoring a child’s communication if chosen correctly, so let’s get down to it.

What Is an SMS Tracker?

As we know, smartphones can be used for many purposes, and communication is one of the most essential, especially in parents’ eyes. An SMS tracker is a tool that comes as a separate service or a feature of an online app and is often accompanied by additional monitoring capabilities; it remotely captures incoming and outgoing SMS messages and transmits them to the person’s personal account, usually piling them up in the respective section on the dashboard. 

For greater clarity, with SMS tracking, you can get information about the contacts with whom your child or loved one communicates, the timestamps of dialogues, attached media files, if any, and, in some cases, even retrieve SMSs deleted from the target gadget.

How Can an SMS Tracker Be Useful

In the modern era of burgeoning technologies, parents have to regularly review the age limit for introducing their children to mobile gadgets. Not least of all, they arrive at this decision because this is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to contact the child throughout the day on their own initiative or so that kids also have the opportunity to call or write to their parents if necessary.

feature check sms online

Having the additional ability of text tracking and monitoring other activities on a child’s gadget, such as Internet browsing, can help out if a child requires certain guidance after they start using a smartphone, shows signs of problem behavior, and allows to know where they are and whether everything is okay with them if they do not respond. Also, this opportunity can be regarded as valuable by people who want to find out whether their relationships have acquired a third wheel and whether their partners are lying to them.

How to Choose the Best SMS Tracker Apps for Different Purposes?

As you see, the purposes for remote mobile phone tracking vary, which has led to the emergence of corresponding demand and supply. However, the fact that you can find dozens of different products for tracking purposes on the Internet does not make the task simple for you as a customer – after all, first, you need to choose the most suitable option to see it paying off.

To feel more confident when selecting an SMS tracker, try following these tips:

  • Remember that first impressions matter even when it comes to choosing an online tracking tool, so a beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate website is a must.
  • The best SMS tracker apps will be on the upper end of the price range, so cheapness is not something to count on. Usually, you may subscribe for a month to give it a test drive. The price of a monitoring solution may depend, among other things, on the quantity and quality of features.
  • For many, this is a decisive factor, so if possible, it is better to choose a solution that will offer stealthiness, aka the ability to make the application operate unnoticed.
  • Last but not least, carefully study the target gadget’s compatibility with the list of supported devices on the website. If there is such an opportunity, confirm it with the support service, the presence of which is also a definite plus.

Is There a Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone?

Let’s not get our hopes up and say the following: a free SMS tracker without installation on a target gadget is like a unicorn in the real world – have you seen one? Some monitoring application providers allow their users to test the waters and provide a few-day trial period or a limited range of features, as is the case with one of the applications below, and that’s all.

When it comes to Android tracking, it’s objectively impossible to initiate the application without installing software on the target gadget. In the case of iOS monitoring, things are different: one can use an iPhone SMS tracker such as Mobile Tracker Free by hooking it up to iCloud backups. In addition to the above options, there are also offers for rooting or jailbreaking a target gadget, which allows you to change the phone’s deep settings and add super spy features, which, however, may not be very healthy for the device itself.

3 SMS Tracker Go-To Options

To make the pain of choice easier for you, we have made a small selection of SMS trackers for Android and iPhones that will suit various requests.

Monitor Everything at Once with Mobile Tracker Free 

mobile tracker free logo

No, there is no gimmick here – Mobile Tracker Free actually includes some free features, SMS tracking included, that are available to users who want to monitor Android and iOS. This is an installation-based solution that comes with a free trial version that also offers paid features and services.

If you are not ready to take the plunge with a paid package, the free features are well worth your attention. Among other things, users get the opportunity to:

  • track phone calls and text messages for free
  • block unwanted numbers
  • see the live location and addresses visited in the past
  • view pictures and video content they store
  • view the installed apps and block them at their discretion
  • track instant messengers such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, and more
  • exercise remote control and more

Cocospy – Phone Tracking Mobile App for Parents

cocospy sms tracker

If you have tracking plans for an iPhone in mind, then you can rest assured that Cocospy will be able to cater to you and intercept text messages as soon as the tracked device receives or sends any. This is solely a subscription-based product that doesn’t require a root or jailbreak to operate.

In addition to text messages, the application can do plenty (depending on the OS in question):

  • check messages on social media (Insta, Snapchat included)
  • track WhatsApp messages and attached media content
  • allow viewing FB messages and group chats
  • show GPS location and visited places
  • monitor browser history and more

uMobix – SMS Tracker for Android & iOS

uMobix sms tracker app

Finally, we have reserved one of the most favored surveillance apps for the most patient ones since this tracker for SMS and other activities is full of compelling advantages. This solution allows you to cut at the root problems in children, such as spending too much time on gadgets, connections with bad company, the experience of sexting, online threats, etc., thanks to its versatile features.

If the person whose gadget you are going to monitor tends to deceive you or hide something by deleting SMS or messages on social networks, you will know about it in the shortest possible time thanks to SMS tracker software, built-in functions of screenshots, and the keylogger. However, this program allows you to look not only inside the gadget but also outside of it, namely:

  • allows audio and video monitoring of what is happening around the device
  • provides full access to Instagram and Facebook for iOS devices
  • offers messages and media content monitoring for other social networks like Snapchat, TikTok, and Tinder
  • covers all the most popular instant messengers
  • allows you to monitor text messages and photos in dating applications
  • provides a record of browser usage
  • includes remote control of the gadget (locking, application management, Internet connection), etc.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using SMS Tracker Online

Using SMS Tracker Online

Now, let’s break down the main steps to take after you choose an app to your liking. These are applicable in the case of the abovementioned trackers and usually apply to get started with an online monitoring tool.

  1. Assuming you’re on the app’s website, find and click the Sign-Up/Try Now, etc. button to register an account.
  2. Enter your email address and select the operating system of the device you intend to monitor. If opting for a free solution, you’ll need to use the target device to download the software from the website.
  3. Select a subscription based on your preferred duration and pricing.
  4. Finalize payment and go to your email to receive the link for software installation, or find it in your newly created account. 
  5. Make sure the tracked gadget is connected to the internet to synchronize correctly. Follow the instructions and check the SMS section on your dashboard after synching to view any new data.


It’s easy to understand why SMS tracker apps have gained such popularity these days: they are intuitive to use, work secretly, and essentially provide all the necessary information about what your child is doing throughout the day or what a loved one is doing behind your back. Although it is not easy to find an SMS tracker online free, we could verify that such examples also exist, but users should be vigilant and be prepared to pay if they come across a truly high-quality monitoring solution.


Does a text spy work on Android and iOS? ✉️

Yes, it is possible to find a message tracker that does its job for any mobile platform. In the case of the Android platform, you will usually need to install and unpack the APK file on the target gadget, which implies access to it for a certain time. If you have iCloud credentials for the kid’s iOS device, you can get by by remotely setting up the monitoring application. 

Can I use a text tracking app to see what they say on social media apps? ✉️

Yes, you can know what they write on social media apps if the text message spy app you choose also provides other monitoring features. These usually include location, browser history monitoring, content tracking, media from social networks and instant messengers, and others.

Is it legal to read someone’s text messages? ✉️

No, it’s not completely legal to read someone’s text messages, especially if we’re talking about another adult, and do it without them knowing. In many families, tracking is discussed, and consent is obtained due to safety concerns. However, in many jurisdictions, it is legal to track the gadgets of minor children secretly.

Is it hard to install an SMS tracker? ✉️

There is nothing difficult in installing and making an SMS tracker login for an ordinary smartphone user. First, however, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the service’s price and terms of use on the website.

Are SMS trackers safe? ✉️

It is quite safe to use SMS tracking applications if they have reviews on the Internet and their presentation on the Internet looks decent. You might also want to make sure that such an app provides customer support, offers a sufficient amount of features, and mentions some kind of policies on the website.

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