Track Girlfriend’s Phone: Top 3 Apps for iOS and Android

Picture the scene – you’re enjoying a quiet movie night with your girlfriend when all of a sudden, her phone lights up and vibrates vigorously, indicating an incoming call. Who’d be calling at this time of the night? You wonder, as she hurriedly leaves the room to answer the call in private, out of earshot. […]

Free Apps to Track Husband’s Phone – Top 10 Phone Trackers

Wives may want to track their husbands’ phones for many reasons. It may all begin when their significant other comes home late from work, refuses to offer enough details, or acts distant. They may have reasons to suspect their partner of cheating or other inappropriate activities, in which case using a free app to track […]

How to Track a Lost Phone Using Apps and Other Ways?

Most likely, you (just like most of us) are no stranger to that chilling moment of sudden realization that your much-needed smartphone is not in its usual place in the pocket or purse. This not only brings unnecessary hassle, requiring you to track a lost phone to possible places of loss, but also introduces the […]

10 Best Phone Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Phone tracking apps can be a valuable tool for monitoring the activity of someone’s device. This article lists several apps you might want to consider if you search for the best phone tracker app. Let’s begin with services worth considering in 2023-2024: Mobile Tracker Free The first app we’ll discuss is Mobile Tracker Free. This […]

11 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission Worth Considering

So, you’re looking for a free phone tracker app without permission. Or you are willing to fork out a few dollars monthly. In either case, people need phone monitoring apps for various reasons. Knowing where your children are or protecting them online is crucial as a parent. Those in romantic relationships can confirm their suspicions […]

Android Phone Tracker Apps

In 2021, legal action was taken against Google’s AAID (Android Advertising Identifier). Google and all other apps on the phone can monitor a user and combine data about their online and mobile behavior thanks to the ID, which is somewhat hidden. Unfortunately, Google disregards this legal requirement, although the users’ consent is required for this […]

7 Best Package Tracker App for iOS and Android

Online purchases have garnered a lot of momentum in recent years, giving rise to high shipment volumes and the use of package tracker apps. People are constantly looking for easier ways to make purchases online without leaving the comfort of their homes. A recent study that measures volume and spending on shipment in 13 major […]

How To Track Employees To Increase Their Productivity

Nowadays tracking what your employees are busy with at their workplaces is just a part of technological progress. Of course, this topic always carries in an ethical dilemma — do you invade their privacy by doing that? Or using spy apps is inevitable to make sure your workers are actually busy doing their tasks (and not checking […]

How To Track Your Children’s Call For Their Safety

Digital world is changing in a blink of an eye. With new technologies emerging here and there, online predators are too finding new tools to reach their victims. As children spend more and more time online, parents naturally dwell on possible online dangers: cyberbullying, online predators, sexting, etc. Even if you block adult websites (or […]